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    ad a bit of a set back today - I quit after 25 mins of my treadmill session, just over 3 miles into my planned 4 mile run. I feel absolutely disgusted with myself, and in hindsight should have dropped the speed and took it steady instead of hitting the 'cooldown' button. When I was training for my half marathon I just concentrated on doing the distances set out in the schedule, and didn't worry too much about the speed, I tended to stick to running at 11/11.5 kph. Well I had a week or so off after the HM and have started running again, in my lunchtime in the gym, so I have been mainly doing 4 miles runs, and I think I have become slighly obsessed with trying to go faster every day!! Well today was my fourth consecutive day doing this and think I pushed it too far. Think I will try a more gradual build up from now on. Smile

    I've got a fever...

      Think I will try a more gradual build up from now on.
      Good thinking. I had a coach once who said something along the lines of: "Make your hard days hellish, your easy days lazy, and don't waste your time in between." Be careful of trying to run fast/faster every day. When you're in serious training, you should only be doing 2 (maybe 3 at the most) "hard" sessions per week. Cheers, Jeff

      On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.