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    Congratulations on your coming marriage and bring on the ads. I don't run but I walk about 2 miles a day and read while I'm doing it. At 66 years old that's great exercise for me. Your website is tremendous and I couldn't do without it. On the job front, my years of self employment were the most fun and the most satisfying time of my working life so relax and enjoy it. All the best to you and your bride.  Jacqui

      I will be glad to go along with any plan you decide to use.

      After your marriage, all future weekends will referred to as, " Honeydo  weekends "  Congraulations




        I found this site several months after I started to run. I was having a hell of a time and was nearly ready to throw in the towel when I stumbled upon RA. I've learned alot from some of the regular poster in your forum and have really enjoyed all the features that your log has. I feel that without the log and community, I would not have lasted this long, lost over 70 pounds and made such a positive change in my life.


        Good luck in your new endeavors and upcoming marriage. Whatever you need to do to make this work for you and your site, I'm all for it. Bring on the ads and a subscription if need be.


        Wow, same here!


        I'm currently not able to run very much but I know when I can I'm going to need RA more than ever. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I will gladly click ads if it helps you out. 

          I fully support whatever you need to do!!!


          And wish you all the luck in the world with both the site-as-job and your upcoming marriage! What I would love is if the ads kind of blend in with the site (much like the ads on Facebook) so they aren't so yucky and in your face.


          Alas, if you need to put up dancing robots with scrolling neon mortgage rates, so be it.


          Wink Cheers and the best,



          2012: Just run.

          Blake Mitchell

            Very exciting. Good luck!




              you've logged a good run.  Over the years I've looked at other sites and always decided to stick with you for a variety of reasons.  Mostly you're the Goldilocks log - just right.  Keep up the good work.  We can live with the ads.  We have them everywhere else.


              Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.


              Keep up the good work.






                The site is great Eric. Ads or subscription fee I am staying. I hope you can make a living off the site and get paid for doing something you love. Look forward to seeing the enhancements as you dedicate more time to the site.


                Congratulations and Good Luck with the wedding too




                  Congrats on the upcoming wedding!  


                  Just wanted to add I'm another user who'd spring for the subscription model.  I'd be okay with ads as well, but would prefer the subscription model, since there'd no chance of me forgetting to click the ads.  Smile


                  Also, if you needed any help on the business side of things, I'd be willing to lend a hand.  I haven't had experience with website models in particular, but 'm a product manager during the day, so I do have some experience on pricing and modeling revenue & costs, etc.  


                    Bring on the Ads Eric.  Thank you for all the hard work. I'll click 'em if put 'em up.




                       I've been using RA for a few years now Eric and I love it.  What ever you need to do to keep it going, I'm with ya!  Good luck in a new part of your life.  Proceeding confidently in the direction of you dreams is usually a good way to go. (with a tip of the cap to H.D. Thoreau)




                        You have been one of the most helpful people I have ever known when I first started using the training log. You will find support from me with whatever decisions you have to make.


                          Go on Eric you have my full support

                          Cool Jump Suit

                            It's about the future and computers.............San Dimas High School Football rules!

                            So bittersweet,
                            This tragedy
                            Won't ask for absolution;
                            This melody,
                            Inside of me,
                            Still searches for solution.
                            A twist of faith,
                            A change of heart
                            Cures my infatuation.
                            A broken heart, 
                            Provides the spark
                            For my determination.



                              Good Luck, you have a future subscriber if that is what it requires.  Any plan to utilize our %Max HR / Speed data to create a "Running Index"?  


                              Keep up the good work, and best of luck to you!!!

                                You have my support 110% ... It is truly amazing what you have created here and while I am not a fan of Ads, I will live with them if it means even more capabilities in the future. I would also support a subscription fee to have an Ad-free environment.


                                I am a software executive and have taken many software products from idea to comercial success. What you are doing is nobel and more fun than you will ever imaging. Yes, you will have to deal with the BS of business management, but when you have support of the user community and a fantastic product you are more than 50% on the way to greatness.... Enjoy the ride!


                                Cheers, Jeff