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    I didn't go through and read all of the other posts so I may be restating something that was already said but you may want to look into and  I think you can have links to their sites offering discounts to the user and getting you a percentage in return.


    I greatly appreciate your efforts and don't mind the ads.



      Well, you may think you will be able to make this your full time job....after you are married......But....Big grin


      Runners run

        1. Congrats on the upcoming marriage.

        2. This place has contributed immeasurably to my running. I tell anyone who will listen to me blather on about running that it's the best site out there. Whatever it takes, I'll be here. If there were a subscription service, I'd buy in.

        3. I guess I owe a mini debt of gratitude for coolrunning? (look: I can't even be sure of where I was)  blowing up. Only wish I found this place first.

        Thanks for all you do!

          ...thank you for all the work and effort.......and best of luck on the UpComing EVents in your life,

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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            eric Smile


            I'm sorry you lost your job.


            Congratulations on getting married!


            This site is awesome and I hope you have enough support here to make this a full time gig for you.  As a software developer with projects on the side, I know what it's like to try to have a full time job and try to do something else, and what you have been able to do so far is amazing! 


            I'm up for some kind of membership and/or ads option.  You have my full support.


            I don't contribute much to the forums here, but I'm a daily lurker and read a ton of the posts and there is a great community here as you can tell by all of this support.


            I know I should have donated sooner, but I just did now.  And I hope others do the same!


            I'm looking forward to the future of RA!

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              I don't post much here anymore, but am still an avid user of the log.  Count me in as one who doesn't mind the ads and would be happy to pay a subscriber fee.  The suggestions of ads for free users and no-ads for paid users is a great one if it's doable.


                I've never posted before that i can remember - but just wanted to add the chorus this is a great resource and i thoroughly enjoy coming here lurking and adding my logs. I can only say props to you and i hope it works out a few ads aint to bad.


                All the best



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                  You've got my support either way.


                  Bring on the ads.  I'll even click on them.


                  All the best to you during this time of transition.



                  I couldn't have said it better. I don't know where I'd be without RunningAhead and wish the best for you.

                  TRUST THE PROCESS




                  You'll ruin your knees!



                    you know...

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                      Thank you for all you do Eric!  This is a great website and one that we really appreciate.  Props to you Eric!  Congrats on your upcoming wedding! 



                        Whew!  Those first 7 sentences nearly gave me heart failure.  I mean I am not running.  Or logging.  But damnit I might want to again someday!


                        Bring on the ads!  I see a whole  2 1/2 inches of white space on the right side of my screen that seriously needs some decor.


                        haha!  you crack me up.


                        BTW eric, your bride-to-be is killing me in the gym.

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                          You do what you need to do Eric.    I really like the running log and the advice I have gotten from RA has made me a much better runner.   I have even met a number of people as a result of RA...


                          ADDS, I can live with them..........some type of a user fee.......I think I have mentioned before that you ought to charge.....


                          Either way, i'll keep my log in RA......


                          Congrats on getting married and SUX about the job (Ive been laid off so I know how it feels)....


                          Thanks for creating the site Eric...



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                            Go for it and best of luck.  Love what you've done so far and look forward to future whatever way you go =)


                              Congrats on getting married! Your work on the site over the years has been outstanding and I just wanted to express my gratitude and support for the future. I'm sending a few dollars your way (->

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                                Sorry about the job, Eric. Totally sucks. But I'm happy you'll be making RA your full time thing. The site is great.