Can you make a shoe work? (Read 109 times)


    i returned them


    something is off. I tried just walking in them with loose laces. I have PF and overpronation issues so i think for people like me with "problems" i need a certain type of support...i THINK...

    so ill just stick to what i know until im able to test shoes out again...

    anyone know anything about this website:




    i think its australian but im not sure if its a scam or not bc well they are selling older model brooks' but everythings the same price...i dunno, i just hesitate buying from a new website....

      That looks like a scam site to me!

      BEWARE ridiculously low prices. There are a few websites that keep lists of fraud sellers, maybe see if they're on one. I humbly speak from experience; I found a portable hot water heater for camping on a website for $60 when every reputable website sells them for $250. Long story short: I was robbed of $60 and PayPal wouldn't refund me because of some sort of technicality (the company sent me an envelope with two disposable facemasks, which had a tracking number, which satisfied PayPal that I received "the item").


      There's some website like that who sells all Hoka models past and present for the same price. So it must be a thing.

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        I thought so too at first but they are only selling 2-3 year old models??


        i found this info after i looked up their address:




        im not sure....i better not, huh. its going to take too long from aussy.

          Ah, only old models, ok. I thought they were selling new models at less than half price, too.

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          Running to eat


            I think it varies by the runner.  For myself, I cannot run in a very cushioned shoe or one with too tight a toebox without getting injured.  I am picky out of necessity, not choice.


            Out of curiosity, how many miles do you run per week.  I suspect that having the right shoe matters more when your mileage is higher.


            When I'm training seriously for a race, between 70-100 mpw.  I've run 2444 miles this year.

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