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    Flavio - You might want to look at  I've never used a coach, but I did look at them last week out of curiosity after a LetsRun thread.  Their site starts with a questionnaire that, among other things, asks whether you want a more analytical coach or a more inspirational/motivational one.  Their roster seems to lean towards former pro or nationally competitive runners, but another of their questions is whether or not it's important to you to have a coach with competitive experience, so they may have more experienced ones as well.


    Two others to check out (in US, but on eastern side of country)


    1) Nate Jenkins is now coaching remotely.


    2) Matt Ebersole runs Personal Best Training and offers remote coaching.

    Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


    And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.

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      Flavio - 3 countries just around the corner from where I live. I will come even if it is just for the half. I will make it sub 2 as my A goal Smile

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        Jack Daniels Workout Question...



        In the Third Edition of The Bible on Age 180 it has a workout of 4x200R + 3T + 4x200R. My understanding is the T portion should be limited to 5 minutes of time and it is not miles. Based on my 5kPR VDOT of 51 my 200R is 43 seconds and T pace is 6:44/mi (4:11/km). My interpretation of this workout is to get in speed work, do a cruise interval to keep the lactate flowing, then practice the sprint to the finish. Run fast, and work on lactate threshold. With the middle portion being a cruise interval, and the book saying to limit it to 20 minutes am I doing myself a disservice to do a 15 minute cruise interval instead of a 21 minute/3 mile then straight into anaerobic work. The purpose of this 5k/10k training plan is to get back some speed before tackling a marathon plan for CIM and going for another sub 3. I honestly don't expect to get into Boston this year and it might almost be easier if I didn't since it would be only me traveling for just the race. Oldest son will be almost 4 and youngest will be about 8 months at that point.


        I'm less than motivated to run right now and my lack of posting here is 100% tied to work, as well as some jeep projects, and the speed at which all of you move. Mark good luck on the upcoming race this weekend. I hope the weather holds out.


        Keen any updated with the coach and such? starting a plan with him soon or just doing a one time workout to see how it goes?

        Many of us aren't sure what the hell point you are trying to make and no matter how we guess, it always seems to be something else. Which usually means a person is doing it on purpose.


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          Mick - sounds like a plan. Maybe Mikkey also joins the party, we'll have an European forum encounter.


          DW - thanks for the recommendations, I've heard great things about Nate Jenkins as a coach on Reddit.


          I've found also this interesting profile :

          Although he is in California, having the word "nerd" in his profile drew my attention. Some very good public reviews as well, always a good sign.

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            I'm too anxious, I've hired CJ LOL.

            Let's see how this goes.

            PRs: 1500m 4:54 (2019) 3K 10:34 (2019) 5K 17:56.7 (2021) 9.86K 36:40 (2020) HM 1:21:59 (2021)

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              One thing I realised this morning is that I might not have factored in the impact of altitude.  The race starts around 500m (1600ft) above sea level and finishes around 300m.  Not enough to make a major difference, but it'll definitely have an impact.  Anyways, weather is looking great (cool with a light SW) and I'm really looking forward to this event.  Man we are so lucky in NZ to (mostly) be able to have races as per normal at the moment.

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                RP - Yeah, you can translate 1T mile to 5 minutes at T, with 1 minute recovery per 5 minutes. So 4x 200m R (200m recovery), 15 minutes T (3 minute recovery), 4x 200m R (200m recovery).
                There's absolutely nothing wrong with 15 minute T instead of 21 minutes right now - you'll build up to it. And while the R stuff is "fast" it's not "hard" because you can take all the time you need during that equal distance recovery. Reps are more about economy of motion.

                I've emailed back-and-forth with the coach a bit and I'm going to start in about a month. I have enough soccer and other family business planned on the coming weekends that I'd rather not pay for a month that will likely have a compromised training schedule to begin with.
                Just waiting on a questionnaire from him now to give him some more background on my running history.

                Flavio - That was quick!

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                  I'm too anxious, I've hired CJ LOL.

                  Let's see how this goes.


                  You sound like me. Once you get an idea in your head to buy something, you have to get it done quickly!

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                    Mark is on altitude watch, things are back to normal in the world 🌎

                    Good luck buddy have a great race 🏁


                    Jmac um I am the same too. Must get done immediately!

                    Maybe a runners trait ?

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                      Mark - I doubt 500m altitude is significant.

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                        Man we are so lucky in NZ to (mostly) be able to have races as per normal at the moment.

                        don't jinx it Mark god damnit 😂

                        PRs: 1500m 4:54 (2019) 3K 10:34 (2019) 5K 17:56.7 (2021) 9.86K 36:40 (2020) HM 1:21:59 (2021)

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                          Good luck Mark.


                          500 metres is about the altitude I start and finish my hill runs and has no impact. Just watch your footing running down that cliff face!

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                            Keen Nice week and good luck with that coach sounds like he is a good match for you and plenty of time to work with before Oct and Dec Races.

                            Flavio yeah I was looking to add a bit of tempo work and some strides now but yeah it will be late June early July that will give me about 8 or so weeks to focus on building up some speed.  Stay patient and you be back at it before you know it.

                            Piwi best of luck in your upcoming Half can't wait to see your results you have been putting in a lot of good work.

                            Zebano Glad the heel is feeling better.  That's cool being able to run with your son.  My son starting XC is what got me back into running.

                            James  Good news on the hamstring and groin

                            Steve Nice week really solid with those 2 WO.  Good luck with your coach sounds like the next few weeks are gonna be some work.

                            DW like the gel solution.

                            Mark Enjoy the weekend trip and Good luck in your Race Saturday!  Can't wait to see how you do!


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                              I just want to say I would love to be coached by Nate Jenkins. His blog has been so helpful to me. Specifically his suggestion of using alternations has really helped me run more traditional tempo / LT runs at faster paces than I ever could before. Also, his struggle with long term injuries just give him a viewpoint I can relate to.


                              Mark  Good luck with the race! I hope the weather remains in your favor but with that elevation drop it's basically not a PR eligible race, right 


                              Flavio I hope CJ works out for you, I laughed when I saw that "nerd" was the factor that pushed you over the edge.



                              Sadly my heel flared up Wednesday night so I'm scouring the internet for exercises that I haven't tried whilst I swim a lot (for me). I'm about to do a ton of eccentric heel drops (Alfredson protocol = 180 / day) as the achilles on that foot is sore and cranky all the time (i.e. it's a hope and a prayer ... and something to do while I don't run).

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                                Mark - Best of luck!

                                Flavio - Your marathon has been added to the race listing.

                                Zebano - I hate to hear about your heel issues, hopefully you can get those straightened out.
                                Good job finding that forced repetition, too. If not for that pin on your bishop that could easily have been game over for me.

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