tight hamstring (Read 41 times)


    My right hamstring right up to my butt hurts when I sit. It gets tight and I do not run much at all. Just in the morning for 10 min or so to warm up. But when I was a kid my right foot got caught in motorcycle spikes and I believe I lost a bunch of connective tissue that causes me to stress back corner of my right foot more. My question is what can I do to relieve it when I sit. I need to focus and it is kind of annoying. I love to be able to run more, and part of it was to learn to be patient and gentle. This might also be the cause of tightness on right side of my back leading to my shoulder and neck. Thanks for any advice in advance.


      i use a padded seat cushion, one of those foam wedge things you can buy on Amazon for pretty cheap. i have two for the chairs i sit in the most frequently.