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Now that was a bath...

    Drum Roll Please.... Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday Kooky Cheapdate Happy Birthday to me Girl is getting old! I am a happy bunny though. I got a satalite navigation system for my car from Amelie. Two tops and a voucher to buy clothes from my favorite clothes store from Jake, a diary with a year's subscription to Metro magazine from John (I'm feeling so 'City Gal' today) and a Greenstone and Paua neckless from Scarlett. My eldest daughter forgot but I made her feel guilty enough to go get me something I think. Evil grin Marvellous. March 21st - stick it in your diary folks and I'll keep watching the mailbox for when you all send me gifts next year. Hey - here's a thought. It's not even the 21st yet in America so I can celebrate my burfday all over again tomorrow. Still time to Fed Ex me gifts then! Claire xxx
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      Happy birthday Claire! It's not March 21st, so I guess I'll have to do it again tomorrow!

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        Hey - here's a thought. It's not even the 21st yet in America so I can celebrate my burfday all over again tomorrow.
        March is *almost* as cool a month for a birthday as Feb. My baby sister is 3/4, a friend is 3/5, my best friend from HS is 3/19, and now I can add you to the list! Big grin k

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          Hope it was/is a wonderful day...whenever it is... Lynn B

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            happy birthday to you... Greenstone and paua necklaces are nice. aloha, steve

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              Happy birthday! Neil Smile

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              Fancy a holiday running in the French Alps?


                It's 15 minutes into the 21th here now, so: Happy birthday! bas

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                  Happy 29th. Again. Now make Scout's day and post pictures of you trying on your new tops. Better to give than receive and all that.
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                    Aw, that's cool. The lady I stayed with when I lived in Auckland for a while bought me a greenstone necklace for my birthday Smile I still wear it now sometimes.
                      Happy Anniversary of your 21st!!! Big grin (Which probably has very little meaning when you didnt turn 21 is the US, but anyway....)
                        Congrats! Happy birthday, Claire! Big grin

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                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE!!!!! May this year be a GREAT one!

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                            Happy b-day ! Big grin


                            12 Monkeys

                              I wonder if we can get JakeKnight into a box and ship him to Kookoo for her birthday...just might work.


                                What if he got lost in the mail? Happy Birthday Clair...I bet you are no cheap date!
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