Transitional trainers - pins and needles after a couple of miles (Read 203 times)


Running the bath

    Hi all,


    I'm wanting to move to a more minimal trainer and have recently bought myself a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence.  The only problems is that I get pins and needles in my little toe on my right foot about a mile into every run.  I've worked up to running 4 miles in them, but I think I'm going to have to move back to my standard Brooks Adrenalines for most of my runs as I'm starting to increase my mileage as I'm signed up for the Bath Half in the spring.  I've tried adjusting the lacing, which hasn't helped. 


    Is this just part of the transition process or is it something fundamental with the Cadence? They seem to be quite a narrow fit...


    Thanks for any advice

    Butter Tart

      I transitioned from Brooks Adrenalines to Saucony Kinvaras this summer – I think Kinvaras and Pure Cadence are both 4mm drop. I did a very gradual transition using a walk-run type program where it took 8 weeks or so before I was running 30 minutes nonstop. (I kept up my regular mileage in my Adrenalines at another time of time.) I had absolutely no issues and I'm glad I did it so conservatively. I have heard a lot of people have calf soreness when they transition to lower drop shoes, but I had nothing whatsoever.