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    Hello everyone. I'm Scott, 51, male, love the 10 mile and half marathon distances. I've been running regularly since 2006, after a long post-college break  - I'm somewhere over 50+ races since 2006 from 5K all the way to a marathon. I've done a wee bit of tri, some dus, a couple of cycling races, and a number of cycle "fun" rides, but have found I prefer running most of all and I love the support for persons of all abilities that's found in the running community. When I'm in good shape during the season I'm a solid MOP runner overall but usually in the lower 1/3 of my AG.


    Last year I ran 6 half marathons, a 10K, a 5K and a 10 mile run. Not sure I'll tackle that many races this year but I do love bling and I enjoy the racing experience. I've already got in my first half marathon for this year and another on St. Patrick's Day.


    Personal stuff... I've been playing guitar 35+ years and took up electric bass last year, I also play clarinet, bass clarinet, I ride my bike, I love to read and I do some writing when I don't feel totally wasted. I can be found at least once a week at a jam session playing various forms of jazz fusion... I am divorced and have a 13 year old son and 11 year old daughter...

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      Hi Lynn Ive been running for maybe 14 months, I started out doing the couch to 5k thinking that someone would find me 3 days later dead hidden in some bushes from heart failure lol. My best 5km time is 29 minutes and I did my first half marathon two weeks ago and came in at 3hours and 1 minute lol. I laugh because I loved it, yes my time was woeful if I compared myself to others, but I did it and I ugly cried the last kilometre because I did it. Im now going to concentrate on speed for a while but this is not something I could ever imagine myself doing 12 months ago. 3 hours is better than never I think Big grin


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        Hello all, my name is Leah and I am a 36 year old long time runner.  First off I want to say how totally outclassed I am on this forum.  You guys all have a ton of knowledge and experience.  I am really impressed by the intros on this thread, and humbled, which is always a good thing.  I hope that was a sufficient amount of sucking up to the regulars here, let me know if you require more, I have plenty of material.


        I do pretty much everything wrong in running, but somehow it works for me.  For a long time I ran to stay in shape, but then I got a couple dogs and my one dog really helped me rediscover running for just the joy of running.  So that is what I do now.  I almost never use a running app unless I am trying out a new route and need to find out the distance.  I use music on about half my runs.  I stop a lot and take photos of my dog, because he is so darned handsome.


        I don't enjoy racing, so I only do one per year, a local 10k trail race which I have managed to win overall female once and overall human once. Granted, there are only about 15 entrants but we must all celebrate our wins no matter how small.  I ran a marathon for the first time ever, though I don't know if it counts in these circles since I just did it on my own.  At the halfway point I was at 1:40 but then my IT band decided to sabotage me with seven miles to go and I ended up finishing in just over four hours.  Hope to improve on that this summer, I might even follow some kind of training plan this year (I told you I do everything wrong).


        I prefer to run trail over road, mostly for the scenery and convenient places to pee.  I live near a wildlife management area and I am the only runner there.  It's awesome, and I hope it stays a secret.  My dog and I have marked it as our territory the whole way in case some stranger comes through.


        My husband and I live off the grid, trying to do the self sufficient thing.  I am retired and he works from home doing CAD design.  We have chickens and honeybees and a big garden, and 56 acres of woods.  We try to live simply, and we are kind of hermits.  And we like it that way.


        Last year I ran 1650 miles, and this year I want to hit 2013.  I am currently on track to crush that goal.  My husband is a runner too and runs about 500 miles a year.


        Looking forward to lurking and learning from you all.

        Leah, mother of dogs


          Hi, everyone! My name is Chelly and I'm pretty new at this whole running thing. I started C25K in August of '12 and presently try to run at least 3 miles 4-5x a week, but usually end up running 5-6 miles 3x a week instead. The most I've run at one time is 9 miles. I've never been in a 5k, 10k, or any other race, but I'm really excited about doing so!


          None of my friends are runners, and in fact - they think I'm a little crazy. So I'm here looking for people who love to run as much as I do!



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            Hi, everyone! My name is Chelly and I'm pretty new at this whole running thing. I started C25K in August of '12 and presently try to run at least 3 miles 4-5x a week, but usually end up running 5-6 miles 3x a week instead. The most I've run at one time is 9 miles. I've never been in a 5k, 10k, or any other race, but I'm really excited about doing so!


            None of my friends are runners, and in fact - they think I'm a little crazy. So I'm here looking for people who love to run as much as I do!




            You've come to the right place!  Lots of other "crazy" people here. You might want to check out the Beginners and Beyond group.


            "It doesn’t matter how often you do it or how much you accomplish, in general, not running is a lot easier than running." - Meb Keflezighi


              I am 54 years old and started running in 2007 to lose weight.

              I was quickly addicted to running I run my first 5k and 10k in 2007.

              Then in 2008 I ran my first half marathon and full marathon.

              Today I am training for my 6th full marathon.




                Hi, everyone. My name is Basya and I live in the Boston area. I am a thirty-four-year-old female who has been running since March 2012. I ran my first marathon, Jerusalem, last month. I will run in a five-miler on April 7 (my second time running this race) and my first half-marathon on May 26. My favorite surface to pound is pavement because I enjoy running on surfaces similar to those on which I race.


                  Ok, I think this is where I'm supposed to introduce myself.  My name is Josh and I'm a new runner as of the new year, mostly to get in decent shape, but I have really fallen in love with running.  I have a 5k and a 10k under belt so far with really slow times, and I'm working on bettering my 5k to a time that isn't embarrassing, as well as training for a Presidential Traverse in The White Mountains and a three day hike down the RI North-South trail.  I'm here on the forums to stay motivated.

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                    Hey y'all, My name is Tim, I'm 38 and currently reside in Northeast Pennsylvania, originally from Alabama. Just started getting back into fitness as a means to lose some weight, I started at 260lbs( @6ft tall) a year ago and now I'm down to 189. I recently added running back into my training, I used to run in my teens and twenties. interests my interests include cars, sports, mostly college football,(ROLL TIDE!) movies, books, and entertaining.


                      Hi everyone.  I'm Blythe (nickname, meaning "happy").  I'm coming up on 26 and been running since I was 22.  I'm not a competitive person by nature, so I prefer training runs to races, but I enter a few 5K and 10K races a year.  I'm doing my first official half in June, though I've run the distance many times before.

                      I started running to get into shape and it took over my life.  I started weight training, yoga, walking, biking, basically anything active I could get my body to do.  I completely changed my diet and am now going through a nutrition program.  My husband became more active as well and is now an avid cyclist and we enjoy our rides together.  I met my best friend through running and ran all of her long runs training for her first marathon last year, even the 20 miler (you want to talk about people thinking your crazy, even the runners thought I was odd since I wasn't training for anything) and watched her cross the finish line. 
                      My parents are older, one has diabetes, the other is going through chemo for cancer.  So I am doing everything I can to stay healthy. 
                      I'm not as fast as I would like, but I'm running for life not for speed.  I don't want injuries slowing me down, or heaven forbid, make me stop running for an extended period of time.
                      Currently, I'm a 35 mile/week runner.  I love running by myself and with other people.  I started a group for beginner runners as a way to get a friend outside and to recover the day after long runs, and we call it the "Runner Round Up".  Basically, I run around town, picking up other runners as I go, then I loop back around and drop them all off.  We go only as fast as our slowest runner.
                      I'm really looking forward to a forum to discus running, as my best friend moved and I lost my running buddy, which means I have no one that understands the addiction that is running.

                      5K: 23:45 10K: 49:50 Half:? Longest run: 20 miles

                        wow.  wish I had time to read all of these!  what a thread!


                        My name is Tammy and I am a runner......Smile


                        I have always enjoyed running since I was a kid but never took it "seriously" - actually, I still don't...  it's just fun.  I started running distances longer than 8 miles in the fall of 2011 (at the tender age of 50 .... ugh.....Dead)  I got so hooked, by april of 2012, I qualified for the Half Fanatics at the cincinnati flying pig half (my home town).  I did 10 half marathons in 2012.  then had to lay off for a few months to nurse a hip issue - a bit too exuberant in my efforts, I guess.  but I am back into it this year with only 5 halfs scheduled.... so far......  I also joined the 50 states half marathon club and am checking off states on my map!  I don't follow a training plan.  I run when I feel like it and it seems I am always "trained" to run a half.  my goal for 2014 is to run full marathons and qualify at the 2014 flying pig for the Marathon Maniacs!


                        yep, I'm an addict......



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                          Hello everyone! I'm a 25 year old girl who has only been running for about two years, but have gotten very into the fun runs. I've done all the obvious ones - the Color Run, the Electric Run, but also Run For Your Lives, Foam Fest, Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge....you get the point Smile


                          My friends and I run together a lot and just started our "Epic Running" website: http://www.doepicruns.com/ - where we chronicle our ridiculous running experiences Big grin


                          I haven't done a full marathon yet, only 3 half marathons, but we're scheduled for a full one in September so I'm going to need all the help and advice I can get!

                          Do Epic Runs





                              "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus


                                Hi everyone I'm 25 years young been running properly for just over a year now and am ready to take it a bit further by running my first Marathon (Melbourne Marathon) 18 or so weeks from now.


                                I have ran a few smaller races like The Age Run Melbourne 10k event which was fun an 8km event and the Run For The Kids 14k event which was great, love the atmosphere and decided to be a little ambitious with skipping the Half Marathon and go straight for the Marathon.


                                I wanted to do more within the time I have been running but I have been quite prone to injuries up until the start of this year with ITBS  and Shin Splint (to the point of having Stress Fractures) and getting a lot of side stitches which always held me back before, oh and a leg length discrepancy and bowed legs and having Scheuermann's disease and flat feet with Over-Pronation hasn't helped me in my goals. Cry


                                But its great having so many resources from friends and family to my PT that helped me train my body to achieve getting to where I've gotten in just a year, with enough upper and lower body exercises I've been able to progress through the Shin Splints, Stitches, Leg Length Discrepancy and ITBS and feet (which were what mostly caused my Shin Splints) with the correct shoes, block for the leg length, building up my Calf muscles and Hamstrings, building up my upper body so that I could injure more running from Stitches and whatever else really helped.


                                This website has also been a great help with its helpful Forums with all the great people with fantastic advice, the Training Plans on here are amazing to say the least, being able to build my own plan for myself was so fast and easy and you don't charge like other places do for plans that are imho over - complicated as well as over - priced, seriously Eric thanks for making this great helpful website and thanks to all the other fellow members from across the world that have been so informative. Big grin