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    Hello everyone! I am somewhat new to running and new to this forum. I wanted to start by saying that in addition to learning a wealth of information from this site, I have learned about waaaaay too many gadgets that are now on my wishlist! Right now I run in regular cheap clothes and carry a small .50 cent kids football shaped waterbottle with a handle. Blush It is certainly a start. I have the usual story.. have run on and off for 4 years now, but I am finally serious about and enjoying it more than ever. I live in CT so running is fun and challening with the hills, seasons, and ever changing weather. I spent most of my days on the treadmill, but now I am becoming adventurous and going outside more. Sadly I am not big on cold weather so I will hide inside on the treadmill through the yucky days of winter. I love reading everyones posts.. lots of good information and some good laughs.

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      Hi, Sara--glad to have you here! Yeah, isn't the gadget thing crazy! When I first started running 1.5 years ago I thought shoes were the only big expense...heh, boy was I wrong! A year ago my lust was for an iPod...now I would kill for a Garmin! Big grin If you are looking to drop a few pounds, the Jiggly Joggers group (in my signature) is a really great place to keep motivated. We do weekly weigh-ins and 5% down challenges with each season. Smile k

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        Welcome, Sara. This is a great place to stay motivated - glad you found it!

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          @shub1727 cold weather running can be quite nice. I really enjoy a quiet evening run just watching the stars. Smile
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            Hi Sara -- welcome! Seeing your progress on the graph(s) is really motivating. Nice to meet you! Smile
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              Hi Sara! Welcome. Don't apologize for your running gear. Back when I started that WAS the running gear! Good and simple and so was the fun and satisfaction from the sport - good and simple. No need to get gadget-crazy to enjoy running to its fullest! John

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                Thanks for the welcomes! I did join Jiggly Joggers. I am hoping to drop pounds, but I love eating. I'll try not to go gadget crazy though the Garmin 305 is enticing.