what can be done about corrupt officials cutting marathon course (Read 203 times)


    recently a friend ran a marathon, but as was slow, they opened roads, and cut course, even though they could have run along path to complete the full marathon course. he is very upset after checking map of route online to confirm the disrespect of officials, what can he do?this has not just affected me, and could have been going on for years. i know i could be opening pandoras box here,but someone has to step up


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      If you have a problem with a race, bring it to the attention of the race director. Was he outside the cutoff times? Races often only have permits to close paths for so long and runners finishing outside that may have to finish on sidewalks. I don't know how much of a cut the changes were, but there might be a reason. Most races have a way to contact them on their website.

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        hi yes you use the word side walk, i say path. as mentioned in post, road was reopened, but cut course, could have run on path, what you call sidewalk. shouldnt i be contacting aims or iaaf ?


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          Again, was your friend outside of the pre-announced cut-off time?  If so, then I'm not seeing anything wrong here.

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            it was not cut off time at moment he was being sent wrong way.6 hours was cut off, and this happenedat about 5 and a half hours, so was inside the cut off time


              if a runner cuts course he is classed a cheat, but if an official cuts a course that is ok, that is not a level playing field, and is wrong

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                How far was he on the course at 5.5 hours? If he was at mile 20 in 5.5 hours, he would not finish in 6 hours. If he was at mile 25, then yea, maybe an issue to race with the race director.


                While some races announce a cut off time, other have points you must be past at certain time. Each race has a different way to deal with this. Some will transport you to the finish, some will transport you ahead and you have the option to finish (although running a shorter race) and others pull all support and let you finish but you don't get an official time. You would need to check the info on that particular race to see how they handle this.


                About the only instance I can see the shortened course becoming an issue is if it were to happen to a 75+ year old women in a race with a 5 hour cut off since those BQ times are over 5 hours.


                In most cases in the US, when you sign up for a race, you acknowledge that you will follow the directions of the race officials.


                  the only directive said you must be at half way mark by 3 hours 15 minutes or disqualified, the course was run like cowboys, drinks left on tables in cups with no one there, in paphos


                    was about 4 kms less than full course

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                      I'm making some assumptions here. I found a map of the course.  There is a 2k out and back section at the 34k mark. If he hit this point at 5.5 hours, there is no way he would be finishing in the time limit. This seems like a logical place to reroute runners who will not make the cut off. He could ask the race directors for better communication that this could happen, but other than that, I don't see anything wrong with it.


                        of course there is something wrong, because, if 6 hours is cut off, they have no right to do this. i could do this next year, and tell steward to fuck off and complete the course, is that acceptable too


                          6 hours is the finish line cutoff.  Most races won’t let you continue if you fall behind the pace to finish in 6 hours (or whatever the finish cutoff is).


                          If he or she still had a shot at 6 hours then the situation is unfortunate but there is not much you can do. Contacting the RD is your best bet.  I don’t think the governing bodies would do anything.


                          My my advice for next year is to get faster or find a race with a6.5 or 7 hour cutoff


                            i think everything was against him, heat, head on wind, and start of a cold,yes getting fitter is correct way to beat things.only races i have found over 6 hours are bournmouth, manchester and london

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                              This thread would be a whole lot more useful if you could actually communicate the situation and claimed issue in an understandable manner...

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                                let me see now,he has gone through every emotion to finish, only to find out 4 days later he has been duped by the officials,you need a reality check yourself