Automated Cool Running log import (Read 4469 times)

    Wow, that was a breeze. Worked well, except in my yoga record the days are right, but it does not show the word "yoga" in the summary. Small problem and I will see what I can do with that. Thanks a lot Eric!
    Everything is imported. If you logout then log back in, then you'll see the other workouts. There's a bug in the importer that does not refresh your settings after the import. Remember, I was the only one using it until today. Had I imported the log for you, you'll see all your workouts when you login. I'll have it fixed so there won't be anymore confusion. eric Smile
      I did that from an active post and got my latest CGI file. I actually posted this week runs too before i did. Now I used the tool here and imported my cgi file. The big plus is the shoes part worked too. So now I can continue looging miles on my mail shoes. I also got my year to date for the 2007 year too. (Trying to run 1000 miles this year) Brian
        what does importing a running log mean?
          what does importing a running log mean?
          We had our old running logs from coolrunning.com backed up to a file. Importing the log takes the data (runs, shoes, etc) from the file and loads it into RunningAHEAD.com's online training log. That way we have our complete running history here and don't lose anything in the transition.
            The import worked well, looks good! One problem: I had multiple lines of comments in my CR log. Actually it was data pasted from excel for each workout (splits for the run). Only the first line of the comment was imported. I;m guessing the problem is that there are multiple CR LF in the comment section so importing a tab delimited file drops the comments. I'll probably update the entries myself over time, unless there is a quick fic to update the comments section. The most important items in my log came over seamlessly which is what I was looking for thanks!
            PRs 2 mile: 12:30 7/07 5k: 19:39 8/08 10k: 44:12 5/07 HalfM: 1:35:06 2/08 25k: 1:57:30 9/08 Mar: 3:19:07 10/08


              My thanks also Wanderingoutlaw. It worked like a champ for me too. I had downloaded my log but, stored it as an excel file. I now have both again.

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                Thanks so much. This is amazing!

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                  I just totally deleted any references to Cool Running in my bookmarks and elsewhere on my computer. YEAH -- No need to ever use them again. I, like many, was sooooooo unhappy with the CR upgrade (??!!) to Active Trainer. Anticipating the change, I started using Running Ahead several months ago, about the time I restarted C25K program. I love your site so much, Eric, and I did not even care if I ever saw CR logs again. But now .... thanks to you, oh wonderful wise guru, I have all my CR data, too. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you.

                    Works great. Thanks Eric for your humongous efforts. I noticed one particular problem with the import that might only affect my own log but maybe some others would also be interested in having a tire-tracking feature in the cycling entry. In coolrunning I could misuse the shoetracker as a tiretrtacker since running and cycling entries had essentially the same format. RH offers two different formats and hence the tire track doesn't work anymore. Maybe there is a general interest for this feature and Eric the guru can make it happen. Jerry
                      wow -- that was amazing and only took about 2 seconds. thanks!!

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                        Same for me - took all of 2 seconds to import and best I can tell everything has transferred perfectly. Thanks so much, Eric. Ella Smile
                          Wanderingoutlaw, You ROCK! Your idiot-proof instructions enabled me to download and import my log, and I'm totally stunned. God bless you. Jemmama

                            WOW!! I just imported 4 years of CR log and I am one of the least computer literate people in the world. I am beyond happy with RunningAhead. As others have said, I wish I'd switched a long time ago. Love the log and I appreciate all you've done for we coolrunning refugees, Eric. THANKS!!!!!

                              Big grin A million thanks! Even I, a relatively computer illiterate runner, was able to get my old log downloaded and imported here thanks to the fine folks who have posted the various links and tips. Y'all are the best!

                                perfect! 4 years + 3 months of running data imported. absolutely amazing. and a huge THANKS!