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    I did some X-rays. It turns out [as far as I can see] that I have a worn out hip joint. Sucks. Probably will never run again, let's see what the doctor says next week.
      This would be tough. No matter what the dr says get a second opinion. Good luck to you. Ewa
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        Did some bike yesterday, right knee seemed a bit sore towards the end. Spent a long time walking around town in the evening with no pains, however. Shin pain seems to be no longer there. No hip pain at all. Today I walked up my hill course at 70% MHR, and it was fine apart from a tiny discomfort in my right shin. I walked easily back down. My shoes have too high a heel and it sucks when going down. Twinge in my medial right ankle, not sure what it is. Maybe I am reading too much into this now. Doctor's appointment tomorrow to assess the situation. I will probably spend the next couple of weeks just walking a bit on this hill every other data with the aim of climbing to the top (500m elevation) once per week as my long/easy workout. If I have no pains for 2 weeks I'll start running again, but probably not at all on the asphalt.

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          I hope whatever news your doctor gives you is good. But I agree with Ewa that a second opinion would still be in order. Let us know the outcome. k

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            OK, so I saw the doctor today. He said the hip is nothing to worry about. However the skoliosis is a potential problem, since the twisting of my spine causes a tilt in my pelvis. This tilt could have been causing problems when running - i.e. a pain in my lower back sometimes. So he said running would probably not be very good for me. Weight training, walking, cycling, swimming, are OK, but no sports involving running. He recommended some physiotherapy and referred me to an orthopedic. He thinks that he'll probably suggest some exercises to do and also give me a small heel insert. However I already think that my shoes' heels are far too high, I don't want to raise them any higher. Also, I don't land on my heel when I am running in the mountains, so.. No running until our next appointment, too. That's on Tuesday.
              Doctor says I am fine: no vitamin D deficiency, no indicators of rheumatoid problems. I should just take it easy for a month. Runs only on soft surfaces, not too long, not too fast. I will definitely need to do some PT to make sure my minor spinal problems (10 degree scoliosis and kyphosis) stay under control. The scoliosis in parcitular might be causing some problems with my sacroiliac joint when I run, since it makes my gait slightly asymmetric. I also asked him about barefoot running and he said it would be just fine as long as the surface was safe (i.e. treadmill, track). Other than that he just gave the usual recommendations: take it easy, take it slow, stretch, wear cushioned shoes (he seemed to like shoes with air bubbles for some reason) and avoid roads/pavement. And of course to get my shoes from a specialist running store.