Possible nominee for wackiest injury 2007 (Read 490 times)


    i should have nominated my attacked by a coconut ankle injury for 06 but this one is for 2007 awards. We were taking our son to his swimming lessons and afterwards i was playing around in the pool with him and decided to give pool running a try while bouncing him up and down..he loved it but after a few laps my knee buckled slightly, and my ankle followed suit by rolling. So i both my knee and my ankle are sore and hurts the rest of the afternoon and night, thankfully after icing and some ibuprofen the knee feels fine on my 10 mile run on Sunday. My left ankle though is tweaked again. Its the same ankle that was attacked by the coconut, which never quite felt right after but i still ran the marathon with it. Anyway, i thought pool running is safer than road-running, i was wrong Smile

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      I nominate myself. Last Sunday on my long run, I put my giant VW key in my shoe pocket Road ID. About mile 8, I thought my shoelaces were too tight. About mile 9, I realized it was the %^*$%^* key almost imperceptibly whacking the top of my foot. Hobble on to my car, get home, look at brown-black-purple foot... RICE all week=Rats & Little Fishes!!!

        This isn't nearly as wacky as the other injuries but I've got to tell someone. One night 3 1/2 weeks ago I couldn't sleep. Rather than toss and turn and annoy my spouse I decided to sleep on the couch. I quietly crept to the hall, got a warm blanket out of the linen closet, made myself comfortable on the couch and went off to sleep. The next morning I woke up and not wanting to wake my spouse, I headed for the bathroom without turning on the lights. On my way I was met by the linen closet door which I had apparently left ajar. I met the door with the middle toe on my left foot. I met the door with such force the I broke that toe and bruised the two toes next to it so bad I made the orthopedist gasp. So I have been annoyingly laid up for 3 1/2 weeks with the most pathetic injury I can think of - a broken toe. I have managed a few runs but each one leaves me with a foot so swollen I can barely walk. I cannot wait for this injury to be done. Sad


          It was last year and I was running a pretty trail that runners use instead of a bike path. I run this all the time but this time I managed to trip on some roots and fall face first into a log. My teeth actually felt like they got locked into the stump but I grabbed them and they weren't loose so I was a bit relieved. I had cuts on my hands but no big deal so I wiped all the debris out of my face and proceeded to run back to the gym, I sopped a couple more time to wipe "sweat" from my brow and passed a couople of runners who asked if I was OK. I thought that was a bit weird. I ran into the gym and the front desk assistant looked at me in horror. I thought..."what the &&*&*" and got to the bathroom and looked int he mirror. Blood covered my entire face..like not one piece of skin showed through. Looked like Hannible Lecter had his way with me and I didn't feel a thing.
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