Sub 1:30 Half Marathon in 2019 (Read 266 times)


    I have a 5k Jan 12 (Race for the Grasshopper) target <20


    1m  5:38 (2018)

    5k    19:59 (2019)

    HM  1:33:56 (2018)

    FM  3:23:07 (2018)


      Keen - I have my first race of the year in Tulsa, 25k on Jan 19th. The course description is "All races will start and finish on the west side of the Arkansas River on the River Parks Trail system." So hopefully this is the flat river run you speak of. I'm actually flying in to OKC a couple days earlier to catch a Thunder game. Other than that, just doing a solo tourist thing, never been there. Chess? Can't say I've ever caught much of an interest, but good luck! Low carb is certainly not a popular runner's diet, although it's never hurt me any. It's the only method that i ever had success with. Meat, cheese, eggs, fish, veggies, Greek yogurt. Limit the breads, starches, pastas.


      Flavio - what sort of weighted exercises?


      Mark - that's a beastly long run.


      Two weeks out from the race, so I want one more good tempo today, up to 10k at half pace perhaps. Pounding some coffee and watching NBA highlights, as per normal Saturday morning.

        First week of the 18 w plan worked well. I managed 55 miles until today, with a day to spare (and I am on 64 on a 7 days rota, which is where I wanted to be for the moment). Today I went for 14 miles to test the waters, aiming to stay at 8:15/8:45 for the most of the run (managing the faster pace). Following Keen's suggestion, I have also tried to run the last 3 miles at 7:30 or faster. however, for now I will try to add miles and not speed... Legs are in good shape for now, so I am positive.


        Tomorrow I am going to Manchester for a few days for work, risky for consistency... I will try my best to keep up the mileage.


        I'll keep you posted Smile

        PRs since re-started in 2013:

        5km: 19:43 (Belfast park run Sep-16) | 10km: 40:16 (Belfast Lagan side 10K Sep-18) 

        HM: 1:30:09 (Belfast city Half Marathon, September-18) | FM: 4:15:17 (Belfast city Marathon, May-17)


        Upcoming races:  

        Belfast city Marathon May 5, 2019. 

        HM in spring (before FM) or summer (after FM) and then in September. Looking for a 10 K as well. 

          Mark way to own that long run. Finishing strong is the way to run them.


          Keen that chess guy is 11 yrs old. Do chess players peak early ?


          DJ wow jealous. Make sure you do something crazy in the crowd so I spot you at the Thunder game.

          Did you see Houston beat Golden State , wow.

          A solid win yesterday at Portland.

          One of the local coaches here is hard out Vegan and he had a photo of a fish in his Strava feed that they took on an ocean swim. I mentioned that particular fish was one of the best eating in the ocean ( Johndory ) . He was not happy and told me to think sustainably. I better not tell him I enjoy fishing...

          50+ PBs5k 18:29 Tauranga Parkrun May18   

          10k 40:16 June 18

          " I have a plan to make my legs longer by wearing shorter shorts "      



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            haha piwi that guy sounds like a barrel of laughs.  Reminds me of the old joke:


            How can you tell if someone is vegan/a runner?  Don't worry, they'll tell you.


            Or the story of someone on a plane having a heart attack and a flight attendant calls out "is there a doctor on the plane?" and a few rows back in the plane a voice calls out "I'm a vegan..."


            Great to see some new faces from the 2018 thread, and some impressive goals and plans.


            My next race is Auckland Waterfront Half-Marathon on April 14.  Goal 1:29.24.


            I haven't mapped out the rest of the year yet, I might take things as they come a bit more this year.  I'd like to do Christchurch in June, but if I go on holiday in April I won't have much quality training so I doubt it will be a serious sub 90 or PB attempt.


            I've had quite a sore achilles in the last week.  Ice has improved it so I'll keep at it and hopefully get on top of it.

            PB:  Christchurch 2016 1:29.25

            Recent Races:  Queenstown 2017, Auckland Waterfront Half-Marathon 2018, South Island Half-Marathon 2018

            Upcoming Goals:  Auckland Waterfront Half-Marathon April 14, 2019


              Piwi - you could have pointed out that fishing is actually highly sustainable if quota-managed effectively...


              Me- pretty solid week all in all.  Pretty easy at the start of the week to give my legs a bit of recovery after a big week last week, then a good workout Thursday and a good long run on Saturday.  Probably look to keep this week pretty similar in terms of overall voulume.


              M: day off

              T: 20.0km incl. 7x 2:30 min hill repeats

              W: day off

              T: 14.1km incl. progression intervals

              F: 8.0km easy

              S: 31.0km long run

              S: 9.4km recovery

              Total: 82.6km

              5000m: 16:03 (Dec-18) | 5km: 16:24 (Nov-18) | 10km: 34:08 (Sep-18) HM: 1:15:40 (Sep-18) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

              Last race: Maraetai Half Marathon, 17 Mar, 1:20:09

              Up next: Waterfront Half Marathon, 14 Apr

              "CONSISTENCY IS KING"



                Cfar I forgot you were 49. When you turn 50 we want a body report ie : hair condition, eyesight, hearing, memory loss, viagra purchases....

                 Piwi  my birthday is not until Nov. and I am already loosing my mind, so you may need to remind me....

                hope you get over this injury soon too

                Mark / Maco nice weeks.

                DJ enjoy the game who are they playing?

                Flavio glad to see you again too, I am interested to see how it goes with your coach.

                Keen keep us updated on the chess match


                The 5k I am planned to run this  coming Saturday may end up getting postponed or possibly even canceled due to the Government shutdown here.

                Since the race takes place at Cowpens National Battlefield  (Revolutionary War Battle in 1781) and the park right now is closed and the Race Director is unable to make contact with anyone who is over the park.

                This week for me is going pretty good I'm sitting at 35 miles with tomorrow still to go.  I felt a little sluggish today thought I would feel better after a rest day yesterday.


                1m  5:38 (2018)

                5k    19:59 (2019)

                HM  1:33:56 (2018)

                FM  3:23:07 (2018)

                  Steve I've got a sore Achilles too but opposite side to my calf issue oh and a sore hip.....

                  This guy leads a very pure life. A typical strava entry is " 6kms barefoot on sand followed by a cold shower "

                  My wife is actually vegan although will eat fish if I catch it. It's a pain though having to make separate meals each day.


                  Mark and even more sustainable fishing when it's me in a kayak just catching a couple of fish for my family once every couple of weeks.


                  Cfarr I was hoping that I wouldn't age and was some sort of genetic exception but unfortunately that hadn't happened and now my eyesight and hearing are bad and my body can't cope with the training load like it used to.


                  My week was 50kms 30 miles on 4 days. Then cut it due to the calf. Not sure what to do now. Probably take another week off.

                  50+ PBs5k 18:29 Tauranga Parkrun May18   

                  10k 40:16 June 18

                  " I have a plan to make my legs longer by wearing shorter shorts "      


                    Hey guys, my name is Chris, I’m from North Carolina and I will turn 46 on January 22nd. I started running in April 2017, ran four 5k’s and a 10k that fall. Ran my first HM in March 2018- 1:56:11, ran my second HM in October 2018- 1:57:27. Start training next week for the Emerald Isle HM which will be held March 30th and I would love to run around a 1:44Tight lippedx, sub 1:30 might not be in the cards this year but I’m going to give it all I have. Would love to be knocking on the door when my favorite race rolls around, the Mother Earth Brewing/ Ironclad HM, held right here in my hometown of Kinston, NC. BTW, I am a lurker so I am hoping this will help me break the ice!


                    Hot Weather Complainer

                      Welcome Chris!  Stick around, looking forward to seeing your journey as you start dropping that time.

                      PB:  Christchurch 2016 1:29.25

                      Recent Races:  Queenstown 2017, Auckland Waterfront Half-Marathon 2018, South Island Half-Marathon 2018

                      Upcoming Goals:  Auckland Waterfront Half-Marathon April 14, 2019

                        Welcome Chris!  Stick around, looking forward to seeing your journey as you start dropping that time.


                        Thanks, I appreciate it. Looks like there is a lot of inspiration up here.



                          James, M56, Georgia, USA.  Married, 15-year-old son. I ran xc & track for two years in high school in the 1970s and ran once or twice a week most of the time from 2003 until I retired in 2013, when I gradually increased frequency.  Legs are fragile, so I've stayed at very low mileage.


                          2014:   600 miles (2 runs/week)

                          2015:   694 (5 runs/2 wks)

                          2016:   839 (3/wk)

                          2017: 1,336 (5/wk)

                          2018: 1,190 (5/wk, missed 3 months injured)


                          With the mileage increases through 2017, my fitness & race performances gradually improved.  The sense of continuing long-term improvement, whether it’s in faster times or more mileage, is one of the main reasons I enjoy this.  As for injuries, I have chronic knee swelling that I’m managing pretty well, but first-ever hamstring/glute trouble knocked me out for 3 months last summer.  I also missed a week or so with illness 3 times last year. Didn’t race at all in 2018, but I did increase mileage and reached 35-40 mpw before and after the hamstring injury.  Almost all of this was easy runs, but before Christmas, I had started short tempo runs and was approaching the times/distances from my late-2017 peak.


                          As for racing plans, if I can get my speed back in the next 8 weeks, I’ll try a March 2 half in Albany, GA.  If not, it’ll be shorter races until a fall half, as it gets warm here by April.


                          Outside of running, 2018 was a great year for me for spectator sports.  We’re 90 miles from Atlanta, and my son & I saw both the national college football championship game (our team lost) and the championship game of the MLS soccer league (our team won).  Both were once-in-a-lifetime-type experiences for my son, though I’m not sure he realizes how lucky he has been.


                          Last week I was still recovering from an illness that kept me out for eight days around Christmas, so no fast running, but I did get in decent volume.  My legs feel sluggish, but I’m recovering pretty quickly. Am pleased that my knees aren’t hurting after doing lots of jump-squats at my wife’s gym’s New Year’s party/workout Friday night.


                          Sun - off

                          Mon - 8.3 miles easy

                          Tues - 7 easy, stopped a little early b/c hamstring acted up late

                          Weds - 6.2 easy

                          Thurs - off

                          Fri - 9.3 easy

                          Sat - 6.2 easy


                          Total - 37 miles

                          12-week average - 35 mpw

                          Post-1987 PRs:  5K 19:12 (2017); 10K 40:43 (2016); Half 1:30:14 (March '19)

                          2019 Goals: NO INJURIES, 30+ mpw, Half<1:30, 10K<40, 5K<19


                            CKelly - welcome.


                            James - welcome too.


                            We're a pretty old group here!


                            My week was good,  I got my 40+ miles.  I'll be our first racer this year - I have a 5k on Tuesday.  Not sure of my time aim, probably go by feel as I don't know what shape I'm in.  The RWOL app misses Monday due to it being in the morning and being +1200 UTC time.  So excuse the format:


                            <tfoot> </tfoot>
                            Day Miles Pace Description Link










                            Morning Run


                            Evening Run




                            Wed 7.8 7:56 Morning Run - incl 5 * (1100m moderate and 400m easy) strava
                            Thu 4.4 8:20 Lunch Run strava
                            Fri 4.4 7:52 Morning Run strava
                            Sat 7.5 7:36 Morning Run - 6 * (800m moderate intervals & 200m easy) strava
                            Sun 4.4 7:52 Evening Run strava
                              41.3 7:56

                            PRs: 5km 18:43, half 1:26:16, full 3:09:28


                            40+ PRs: 5km 20:34, half 1:29:39


                            2019 aims: Unlike 2017 & 2018, be consistent.  So get 40+ weeks of 40+ miles incl. two quality sessions (5 weeks achieved so far).


                              DJ - leg strengthening exercises like the one you lie on your side and make a V with your legs, with a weight around the ankles.


                              Marco - I’m glad to hear everything is fine. I’m cheering for you.


                              ckelly - welcome aboard, we’re glad to have you here and watch your progress.


                              me - My week, Mon and Tue rolling my own and from Thu following the plan from the running coach.


                              M: 8K easy

                              T: 6K easy

                              W: Off

                              T: Fartlek 4x (1K slow @5:30 + 1K fast @4:30 Wink  + leg strengthening exercises

                              F: Off

                              S: 12K @ 4:42 (plan was 4:45)

                              S: 6K easy


                              It would have been a very easy week if not for the leg strengthening that kicked my ass completely. That must be good news cause if I'm this broke after doing them with 2k around the ankles I'm sure I can only get better from now on.

                              All in all I'm excited for this new phase with a running coach and what can come out of it.

                              And I have now managed the nuclear explosion that my wife has thrown at me cause apparently I'm too selfish for wanting to run on my own instead of running with her 

                              PRs: 1500m 4:57 5K 18:05 10K 38:12 HM 1h24 Full 3h15

                                Chris & James Welcome to the forum please stick around there is a lot learn and plenty of motivation too.


                                1m  5:38 (2018)

                                5k    19:59 (2019)

                                HM  1:33:56 (2018)

                                FM  3:23:07 (2018)