Sub 1:30 Half Marathon in 2019 (Read 637 times)

    Mark James nice weeks

    Flavio congrats to your Wife for her new PR!  Nice report as well that sounded like a fun event and for a good cause! Glad to hear you feel like your coach and training is paying off hope to see good results in a few weeks when you race.

    Marco Big week for you and nice volume over the as several weeks.  Your volume seems to be there, if the MP work is done as well I would not think you should not have any issue with 3:25-3:30 if not better.



    For me another average week.  my run this morning was especially slow.... abdomen was still a bit sore still from Wednesday's workout

    more than anything though my feet were hurting... gotta get some new shoes!!!



    Weekly Summary
    Monday, Mar 18, 2019 thru Sunday, Mar 24, 2019

    <tfoot> </tfoot>
    Day Miles Pace Description Link
    Mon 5.3 8:27 Evening Run strava
    Wed 6.0 8:18 1WU+7x.25R +1.25CD Moving recovery btw R paces strava
    Thu 5.3 9:20 Evening Run strava
    Sat 16.0 8:47 Morning Run strava
    Sun 11.1 9:38 Morning Run strava
      43.7 8:58  


    1m  5:38 (2018)

    5k    19:59 (2019)

    HM  1:33:56 (2018)

    FM  3:23:07 (2018)


      Flavio - nice week and sounds the relay event was pretty super-fun.  1 ton of food is a lot!  I agree that having those rests then having to go out fast again would have been surprisingly difficult.  Congrats to your wife on her PR too.


      James - nice week


      Marco - good week and you've definitely got that platform set for your upcoming marathon.  I still reckon you should race the 10k!


      Me - OK, the coach has planned the next 3 weeks leading up to Waterfront.  It's gonna be tough with 3 workouts each of the next two weeks although the average mileage will only be around 70km  (plus runs at weird times over the next 10 days while wifey is away again).  This is actually good - I did some quick analysis on past races and, interestingly, my best races have all had average mileage around 70km or lower in the 3 weeks before race-week.  Interestingly, the ones where I've been kinda disappointed with my time lately have all had lead-up's over 80km.  The only exception to this rule was Taupo where I had ~72km avg. and wasn't wild about my time, although it wasn't bad either (and I did forget my gels hahaha).

      5,000m: 15:39 (Dec-19) | 10,000m: 32:58 (Nov-19) | 10km: 33:15 (Sep-19) 

      HM: 1:10:46 (Nov-19) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

      Last race: Bays Night of 5's 5000m, 20 Dec, 15:39 (PB)

      Up next: Southern Lakes Half Marathon, 4 Apr



      Taper Czar

        I'll catch up sometime soon, but saw this over on LRC and it reminded me of Piwi:


        5K: 16:51 (8/19)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:16:05 (10/19)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


        Next Race: Mardi Gras Run to the Great South Bay Brewery 7.1 Miler (2/9/20)


        Hot Weather Complainer

          Flavio - Congrats to your wife, it's awesome seeing someone achieve their goals, even more so when they are someone close.


          Mark - I saw you had a foggy run the other day requiring a headlamp.  How foggy are we talking here?  What would happen if race day was similar?


          Solid week for me, despite very long hours at work.  Interval session is the toughest one I do leading up to a race and felt reasonable.  Still very warm - last night I did 6x1km intervals when it was still 29 degrees and I suffered.


          Monday                       70 mins incl. 3x(2,3,4) 15.88km @ 4:35mins/km

          Tuesday                       Weights

          Wednesday                 70 mins easy pace 14.61km @ 4:49mins/km

          Thursday                     70 mins recovery 13.53km @ 5:11mins/km

          Friday                          Weights

          Saturday                      22km incl 5km HMP 22:09 @ 4:42mins/km, 5km HMP = 20:58

          Sunday                        Weights


          I'm now in my hardest week of the cycle.  Training has really picked up in the last month but I'm not setting any expectations yet.

          PB:  Christchurch 2016 1:29.25

          Recent Races:  South Island Half-Marathon 2018 1:32.39 Auckland Waterfront Half-Marathon 2019 1:30.49

          2020 Planned Races:  Christchurch 10km Series (Park), February 2, Christchurch Half-Marathon May 31, South Island Half-Marathon August 2


            Steve - Nice week.  I actually used the headlamp because it was dark (pre-dawn) and the Bomb Point trails have 2-3km which aren't lit.  The fog was just an interesting extra.  It's pretty rare to get fog around Tamaki Drive in April (normally there's a very light sea breeze of some description) - even if it does happen it wouldn't be an issue that would impact the race.  We had a nice but short cold snap and unfortunately it's warm and muggy for the next week again, although that's expected to disappear by early April.


            Ugh my daughter appears to have brought another bug home from daycare.  My HR was through the roof this morning and I'm feeling pretty sluggish - I'd go home for a nap if I didn't have a client workshop this afternoon.  At least it's still 2.5 weeks to the race.  Hopefully it's just another short-lived thing but I'm gonna shuffle my running schedule this week if I'm not feeling better by tomorrow.

            5,000m: 15:39 (Dec-19) | 10,000m: 32:58 (Nov-19) | 10km: 33:15 (Sep-19) 

            HM: 1:10:46 (Nov-19) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

            Last race: Bays Night of 5's 5000m, 20 Dec, 15:39 (PB)

            Up next: Southern Lakes Half Marathon, 4 Apr


              Hi guys 

              Jmac yes that young guy lives 2kms from me. About 3 years ago his mother was asking on our local FB running page if anyone could take him for some training. I almost volunteered to do some intervals with him  but luckily a local coach took him on. Good that he has a well rounded number of interests.

              By the way congrats on your recent half. That was an amazing result on the injury riddled cycle you had. You seem to have limitless potential like Mark.


              Mark I saw you had a nice half on a tough course too. Hope you rid that bug quickly.


              Flavio impressive 5k by your wife. I went for a Bush walk with my wife the other day and coaxed her into jogging alot of it  Your coaching seems to be working out for you. Looking forward to your upcoming 3000m ?


              Steve that Christchurch thing was just shit but has given me a new perspective towards new immigrants living here. I hate guns and great job by NZ to change the gun laws pronto. Take note America....


              Keen OKC playing like crap lately but will make the playoffs. Watching some YouTube tornado stuff recently and Oklahoma is in alot of the footage. Have you had any tornado encounters?


              Everyone else keep up the good work.


              I'm off to the UK next week for 2 weeks. Will try and hook up with Mikkey for a run. Mikkey I will contact you through Strava.


              I've been jogging 6kms 5 times per week mostly with my 21 yr old son. Very low mileage compared to you guys but just enough for basic cardio. Leaves me enough energy for other stuff and I feel pretty healthy overall.

              Did the last km yesterday in 3.38 just to make sure i could still run a sub 4 min km 

              50+ PBs5k 18:29 Tauranga Parkrun May18   

              10k 38.55 oct 19 strava run

              " If you don't use it you lose it but if you use it, it wears out.

              Somewhere in between is about right "      



              Taper Czar



                So good to hear from you and thanks for the kind words.


                Make sure you get us a full report on Mikkey. I would love to be a fly on the wall (or I guess actually flying) during your run and catch up.

                5K: 16:51 (8/19)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:16:05 (10/19)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


                Next Race: Mardi Gras Run to the Great South Bay Brewery 7.1 Miler (2/9/20)


                weight loss complainer

                  Jmac - I doubt they'll meet to run. Most likely they'll meet for a healthy tasty English breakfast and a few pints. And they'll mock Australians, quite possibly.


                  Piwi - it's great to see you in good spirits, thanks for dropping by.


                  me - I've woken up with a sore throat and got a little pissed off actually about it. But then I've got the app notification that the next 2 weeks of training had been uploaded to the app. I had 2x 5K in sub 20 minutes for today. Bonkers! I thought. I failed 2x4K last week at the same pace.

                  But I went anyway, and frigging nailed it. First lap was a 19:35 and 2nd a 19:37 with 3 minutes rest in between.

                  I didn't tell you guys but in the end I bailed out of Sunday's run due to being totally out of legs and that extra rest definitely helped today.

                  Now Thursday I've got 20x400, that will be a beast...

                  PRs: 1500m 4:54.1 3K 10:34 5K 18:05 HM 1:24:25 - Up next: Chase the HM PR


                  Aspiring Hobby Jogger

                    Flavio - Sounds like an awesome relay event. And great job on those two sub-20's as well, plus your wife's PR! When's the V02 MAX test?

                    Marco - Awesome week!

                    Mark - Bummer about the bug. Here's hoping you get over that soon.

                    Piwi - Good to see you checking in here. I have had some tornado encounters, but not for several years now (thankfully). I've been through some areas immediately post-tornado. It's pretty unreal to see nothing but foundations and crumbled brick/boards where there was a neighborhood just minutes before.
                    Thanks for the update on the Thunder. I'm been completely out of the loop without you reporting in on that!
                    I'll say this about your comment regarding your recent national even: It was a horrific occurrence, but blame the perpetrators instead of the tools. The manifesto (if you didn't get a chance to read it) specifically called out why he used what he did, instead of things that he knew would have caused more damage to both life and properly.

                    Lots of easy runs last week. Ran a marathon at what I originally thought would be a sub-3 attempt as a really long LR instead (no gels/sports drink!). Ran that with two girls who were doing their first half (after only running 3 months), and finished the last mile or so with a guy who was just having a bad day. Plenty of walked water stops (and a couple other walk breaks) in the second half.

                    I saw a TON of Maurten gels being used, and they were at the expo. It was interesting to see more of those being used than GU, even though those were handed out on the course.


                    I tried out a cryo treatment the day after the marathon (thanks Groupon!). It seemed both really cold, yet oddly comfortable (it's a very dry cold). Felt really good afterwards, so I may keep this up after races.


                    I'm growing tired of HRM issues, both wrist-based optical and chest strap. I'm frequently looking down and seeing my HR 20-40 bpm higher than it should be. I don't really do much by HR these days, but I'd still like accurate data. Maybe I need to look into an upper arm optical sensor.


                    Monday, Mar 18, 2019 thru Sunday, Mar 24, 2019

                    <tfoot> </tfoot>
                    Day Miles Pace Description HR Link
                    Mon 2.5 9:59 My first trail run! 146 (74%) strava
                    Tue 8.1 8:16 2 ducks, 1 hawk, and a great moonset 135 (69%) strava
                    Tue 2.6 7:49 4 runch strides and 1 painted rock 142 (72%) strava
                    Wed 9.5 7:40 Treadmill feature: Akira, plus 4 at M effort - London 140 (71%) strava
                    Wed 3.1 7:52 Hiding the rock I found yesterday 144 (73%) strava
                    Thu 7.5 8:18 1 runner in town 144 (73%) strava
                    Thu 2.6 8:00 Runch 142 (72%) strava
                    Fri 5.3 7:49 Get 'em while they're still dirt 152 (78%) strava
                    Sat 3.8 8:14 Watching a thunderstorm roll by - NYC 135 (69%) strava
                    Sun 1.3 7:56 Stretching the legs a bit 134 (68%) strava
                    Sun 26.4 8:39 Chisholm Trail Marathon 150 (77%) strava
                      72.7 8:18

                    5k: 18:25 10/19 (solo track TT) │ 10k: 38:56 4/18 │ HM: 1:24:16 11/19 │ M: 3:04:13 11/18


                    Upcoming Races:

                    Vacavillage - 3/1

                    Elite Jogger



                      Make sure you get us a full report on Mikkey. I would love to be a fly on the wall (or I guess actually flying) during your run and catch up.


                      Piwi always ran his easy runs easy and his hard runs hard and NEVER went into the Dead I won’t be having a go about his training! He’s a surfer dude who doesn’t take himself too seriously and looking forward to meeting him. 👍


                      Piwi - I’ll PM you my number and email on here as I don’t think there’s a private message function on will safe guard me from getting any prank calls from JMac. 😛

                      5k - 17:53 (4/19)   10k - 37:53 (11/18)   Half - 1:23:18 (4/19)   Full - 2:50:43 (4/19)


                      Taper Czar

                        Keen - way to hobby jog a marathon! I think I'm using Maurten for Boston, going to try out 2 of them during my LT run on Thursday just to see how they hold up at faster paces.


                        Flavio - beast. 2x5K is a VERY tough workout. I'm really excited to see you go for a PR! I enjoyed your race report, as always. You should have made a side comment about a hill though, really get Mark all hot and bothered.


                        Steve - Your training has been so good, make sure to get some good tapering into your half.


                        Me - Last week of training. Not much to comment on besides that I recovered well from the half and felt 100% by my long run on Sunday where I was able to pick it up to about MP+20 for a good chunk of the second half. Turned out to be my biggest week of the cycle, so that's good. Taper time for me, hay is in the barn. Just need to avoid another injury during the taper, although it's probably over 50% for me given my history.



                        Weekly Summary
                        Monday, Mar 18, 2019 thru Sunday, Mar 24, 2019

                        <tfoot> </tfoot>
                        Day Miles Pace Description Link
                        Tue 6.3 7:50 My quads are cooked strava
                        Wed 10.0 7:36 Morning Run strava
                        Thu 16.4 7:11 8E + 2x2T + 4E strava
                        Fri 6.1 7:47 Evening Run strava
                        Sat 10.1 7:24 Lunch Run strava
                        Sun 22.1 7:00 That's all she wrote strava
                          71.0 7:20    

                        5K: 16:51 (8/19)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:16:05 (10/19)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


                        Next Race: Mardi Gras Run to the Great South Bay Brewery 7.1 Miler (2/9/20)

                          Mikkey I fully understand. The guys on here are very dodgy 

                          My max run these days is 6kms at 5 min/km pace by the way 

                          50+ PBs5k 18:29 Tauranga Parkrun May18   

                          10k 38.55 oct 19 strava run

                          " If you don't use it you lose it but if you use it, it wears out.

                          Somewhere in between is about right "      



                            Hey guys I hope your day is going beautifully well and if not i hope it gets better. I have started a YouTube Channel for running, I'm a high schooler I plan on posting 1-3 times a week at least twice, I love running. And I'm a distance and sort of becoming a mid distance runner as well, so come check it out tomorrow I'm posting an 800m and post upper body work out vid. Anyway have an awesome day


                            My link to the channel second video


                              Hi Piwi!! !good to see you checking in back! enjoy he weather here in the UK Smile

                              Flavio, wow! great work out!!! I am curious to see your V02 MAX test and the race report, great seeing you going for a PR!


                              Steve Keen, Jmac, nice week!


                              today I went for the first serious interval session, a 6X1000 in a 8-9 mile run  (should have been 12 but I didn't have the time...)

                              I managed all 1000s in 3:48, with 1:30 walk recovery. I am happy especially because I came out of the session not feeling completely tired. I will try to do a short run tonight to check how my legs are.


                              The 10K on Sunday is too late, so I won't be able to race it, but I have the pacers for the marathon running 12 miles before that and I will try to do that instead.


                              have a great day


                              PRs since re-started in 2013:

                              5km: 19:43 (Belfast park run Sep-16) | 10km: 40:16 (Belfast Lagan side 10K Sep-18) 

                              HM: 1:30:09 (Belfast city Half Marathon, September-18) | FM: 3:25:05 (official chip time Belfast city Marathon, May-19, marathon was 0.3/4 longer, original time 3:27:20 for 26.5/6...)


                              Upcoming races:  

                              Belfast city Marathon, May-20.


                              weight loss complainer

                                Keen - vo2max test is on april 4th. I'll be curious to see how the results match what the Garmin watch says.
                                Cryo treatment sounds interesting.
                                Remind me again what's your watch? Mine certainly does not have that issue, perhaps the sensor started failing on your watch?

                                Jmac - LOL, I should have mentioned the 3m elevation gains and claim it was really hilly.
                                You've had some monster workouts lately. You certainly carried over fitness from the last cycles.
                                I say go by feel on race day. It will largely depend on what the weather will be like.
                                Also, I could not find how to report the bozo, hopefully you as the thread owner are able to do that?

                                Marco - I guarantee you are in sub 40 10K shape. Just in case you're still considering that 10K as a race.

                                Mark - Garmin created a whole new line of watches in your hommage, the MARQ series.
                                They've swapped the last character so it wasn't that obvious.

                                me - One day we're the hammer, the next we're the nail.
                                After a wonderful workout yesterday I got progressively worse with my cold throughout
                                the day, and I had to bail out of today's run. Oh well, hopefully I get better before next week.
                                My last battle with a cold was at the end of February and it cost me 10 days of training Sad
                                It seems to me the caloric restrictive diet I'm on at the moment is weakening my defenses, after hard

                                workouts or races.

                                PRs: 1500m 4:54.1 3K 10:34 5K 18:05 HM 1:24:25 - Up next: Chase the HM PR