Unable to detect connected GPS device. (Read 304 times)

    Hi there


    I upgraded my ant agent software on the weekend and now my 310XT won't connect to RunningAhead. I can confirm that my data is uploaded to Garmin Connect but when I try to upload in RA it  shows the error as:


    Searching for GarminActiveXControl

    found GarminActiveXControl

    Plugin version:

    Unlocked plugin

    Status: Detecting GPS...

    plugin.finishFindDevices() completed

    Status: No connected GPS device.


    Is any one else having this problem or is there something I need to do to correct it? I have installed and activated the ActiveX control again and tried in both Firefox and IE.


    Thanks in advance



    Just running for the fun of it!


      As you probably guessed, this is an Ant Agent problem.  Unpairing your GPS then re-pairing it might resolve the issue.  If not, others would need to chime in because I don't have a device that uses Ant Agent.

        Thanks eric, prompt as always!


        I'll keep playing with it and get my fingers crossed.



        Just running for the fun of it!

          I did a hard reset of my 310XT and that seems to have resolved the problem.

          Just running for the fun of it!