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    I just wanted to say hello to everybody ...cool page ! I am starting again ...Smile anybody wants to talk about how to start this last time?
        Congrats on getting back into it! From my experience with this web site, you will find all kinds of runners. They are all very friendly, helpful and willing to answer any question you have. Good luck and good running.
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          Hi...I wish you all the best. I too am back; I didn't manage to keep the motivation up through the winter but I'm getting back to my running steadily. I recommend trying to find someone to run with if you have trouble getting out there; otherwise tune in to this community and call up some support if you're struggling. Good luck.

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            Hi Izabela Welcome back to running. Big grin
              Hi, Izabela. How's the running going? Starting back up working out okay for you? Janell

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                Not sure how things are going for you, but I highly recommend the Couch-to-5k program. I started that about 2 months ago (skipped the first 2 weeks, since I had already been doing aerobic kickboxing workouts indoors) and it got me off to such a great, slow start. Now I am adding about 10 minutes of running every week (spread between 3 runs, though I think I will be soon going to 4 runs/week and maybe adding something like 15 mins./week). Smile k

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                  Oh, yes! I remember how completely excited I was when I first ran for 3 minutes straight!!! I was bouncing off the walls for days! That and 10 minutes straight! What a rush. :-))) Funny thing - my non-running husband couldn't understand why I was so excieted about "only" being able to run for 3 minutes straight. Angry Zoomy - keep up the good work! It's such an exciting time, isn't it?

                  Roads were made for journeys...