Let's liven this place up...IPods, Yes or No (Read 979 times)

    Ha, ha...this was a favorite for a while in CR. The great debate regarding IPod use during races, even during training runs, always seemed entertaining. What is the feeling here? I've always noticed IPod usage to be greatest among the 'slower, longer runners' during races. Myself, I've used them in races, never thought I was unaware of my surrounding or couldn't here an ambulance (common reason always given why not to wear them) but have stopped using it recently in races where they say they are not allowed. I love wearing it when running on my own. Thoughts.....

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      I don't much care what you do, so long as it doesn't impact my race. My biggest issue is the people who cannot hear when others call out "On your left!" during a race, and thus create a roadblock for people trying to pass. This situation is not limited to the headphone people.
        I don't usually wear them during a race, I've tried, but I end up just keeping it turned off anyhow. I enjoy the atmosphere of the race. I do however, completely enjoy my music while running on my own. Outside I run using only one earbud (so I can hear traffic, people, dogs...etc.), on the treadmill I either turn up my stereo or have the pleasure of using both earbuds and tuning out the rest of the house. Smile


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            I'm so over the iPod or no iPod issue. The topic is so....8 track Smile

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              Do we need to liven up this place? Confused Undecided
              Give them time, banana man. They don't know you own the internets yet.

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                  No. I'm with Scout, I personally don't care as long as it doesn't impact me, and since most of the people that race near me don't wear them they rarely bug me. Due to insurance reasons, if it is a USATF race and they ask you not to wear them, then you shouldn't. I'm too paranoid about getting hit by a car again to wear headphones. (I wasn't wearing them then, but why make it more likely I'll be oblivious to my surroundings?) Here's a bunch of articles that I've written about it at Run to Win if you want more details on my thoughts: http://news.runtowin.com/subcategory/headphones

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                    I love my iPod during my training runs...I keep the volume low and have sport headphones that allow plenty of ambient noise (aka they are not "noise-cancelling"). I have only worn them during one race (a HM) and was glad to have them, since it was a small race and I spent most of it alone...I PRd that race with an average mile pace faster than ANY other distance I have done (including 5 or 10ks)...I know having my music gave me that little extra boost and helped me to ignore discomfort. With that said, if a race is USATF sanctioned and does not allow them, then I don't bring it. Those races are usually larger and have me feeling less alone on the course, anyhow. k

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                      I have not run with an IPOD or radio at a race, yet.


                        I don't take my iPod to races, simply because I love to enjoy the atmosphere of the race itself. I also leave it at home when I meet the running group, but I use it for my other short runs on the TM during the week. I gave up on music (all those 99cent downloads from iTunes were killing me!!) and switched to audiobooks from the library. Cool
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                              I am totally against IPods...wait, what's an IPod?
                                I have not run with an IPOD or radio at a race, yet.
                                So you're not counting that big 80's style boombox you carried on your shoulder at El Scorcho this summer?

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