Stoned Runners??(Best time of the day to run is 4:20 am or pm.) (Read 4481 times)

    there have been a few times ive gone on a run after i smoke. sometimes i just get that urge, same as i would when sober. i will say that from the handful of times ive done it, most were not good. i dont know if it was directly related to my status, but i remember a couple times i got stomach cramps (same ailment the next day, sober) and another incident where one leg fell off but it corrected when i removed my shoes.


    overall i prefer to run sober, but the urge can return at any time. regardless of my current status, theres not much that can stand between me and the road.

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      It is touched on very briefly here  Mainly it's just booze.

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        Psilocybin mushrooms might be a good match for a run, at least you wouldn't feel like laying down and eating potato chips.


          Hi, I'm new here and, in fact, to message boards in general.


          But running and marijuana have recently dramatically improved my life.  Since I began running exactly one year ago I've run 978 miles, meticulously tracked by my iPhone, and every INCH stoned.


          Skimming this thread, it seems many of you began forming your opinion on the matter based on a lot of assumptions.  I respect your opinion absolutely, but you can't deny that the bulk of you seem like novice smokers!


          In the spirit of good-natured debate, please feel free to tear apart my assumptions too!


          1)  America's one stereotype of a marijuana user is the loser stoner, established by Cheech & Chong and justifiably perpetuated by legions of actual, modern-day losers.  Perhaps I'm an exception, but I'm an exceptionally functional stoner.  As a 30y/o elite-college-educated young man, I'm a successful professional writer, architect, marathoner, musician, graphic designer, project manager, and habitual smoker (about 1/8 of an ounce of fine ground pot, smoked through a water pipe, per week).  Little by little, people like me will emerge from behind this wall of prejudice and gradually dispel the loser myth.  Until then, please recognize, most of you who've posted on this thread are contributing to a myth that I'm often forced to hide behind: that all stoners are lazy losers.  I promise you I'm an active winner who happens to be really good at staring out the window, daydreaming, laughing at life's quibbles, and remaining optimistic.


          2)  The body of research is sorely lacking, which combined with America's general conservative whiff, facilitates misconceptions and ultimately prejudice.  Prejudice against women, for example, is said to reduce women's medical research (breast/cervical cancer, etc).  And humans, of course, get the bulk of medical research, leaving animals out!  Many life-partner pets die everyday for 100% unknown reasons because the research simply doesn't exist to suggest or support any effective treatment.  In much the same way the real effects (and benefits) of marijuana have been vastly overlooked by a medical research community which, I think we can all agree, is skewed obscenely towards the pharmaceutical industry.  Obviously Pfizer, who makes billions upon billions, is not going to fund a study that might find that marijuana treats stress far more effectively and with far less toxic shock to the body than, say, Prozac.  By the same token, I've a hard time seeing the Federal government's incentive to fund research that could establish possible advantages of an illegal drug!


          3)  There is a very important distinction here between training for performance and just keeping a healthy habit to stay healthy.  Think athletic performance v. general wellness.  Yes, smoking anything can't be great for lungs, but this only seems to matter if performance is your priority.  For me running is a stress-reliever, a relaxing meditation, the most powerful and effective anti-depressant I've ever known (handy with my history of clinical depression and panic attacks) and a chance to let the back of my mind sift through the day's dirt to find the little nuggets of gold.  And with injury prevention as my top priority, I often keep a slow pace and stretch the distance.  So who cares if my lung capacity is diminished by 1, 2, or even 15%?  The point is that I'm out there and feeling happy instead of sitting inside and feeling worse.  Also, my lungs feel great.  I've a naturally large lung capacity and have studied much of meditation and breathing techniques to train myself in deep, natural breath.  Living in San Francisco also provides constant fresh air.  And running flushes many things from the system, so I'm very skeptical.  Isn't it possible that, like so many others, this is all completely overblown?


          4)  EXERCISE SHOULD BE FUN!  If it's rollerblading backwards in the heat while listening to Beethoven, do it!  If it's jogging slowly on a treadmill while reading the paper, do it!  If it's snowboarding stoned, dammit, do it!  The greater quotient of our active public, the better!


          5)  Stress is a KILLER.  Marijuana is a HARMLESS STRESS KILLER.  This is not the place to argue this, but it must be said: Americans are over medicated and stressed out.  A natural substance that can help many people and is far less damaging to society than, say, alcohol, and should not be overlooked without careful examination.


          DON'T FORGET:


          STONERS ARE NOT ALL LAZY LOSERS!  Some of us are really, really awesome.  Don't rule us out, and don't box us in!!!


          thanks.  really need to get all that off my chest :-)


          let the ripping begin!


            I say this without judgement, though some concern:

            Have you ever considered bagging the smoke for the edible form?  From a running perspective, if yer gonna do it, you might think about not damaging the lungs that keep you in motion.

            Beware, batbear...

              I have a friend who likes to take a puff or two before running, but I wouldn't say he gets "stoned."  Maybe a wee bit high.  However, he doesn't do it often and rarely can afford to buy it, but if he's got it, that's when he prefers to smoke - before a run.


              My concern would be blood pressure.  THC can artificially drop your blood pressure which could be an issue for somebody whose heart was trying to figure out the appropriate pace to beat at because they just started exercising.  Sending mixed signals to your organs can be dangerous.

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                "I'm an exceptionally functional stoner. "


                Yay!  Now go eat a sandwich.



                  ha!  believe me, i'm not proud of the smoking-running ability.  definitely would like to faze it out as a habit as i look towards having a family.


                  edibles give more of a body high, even with the same exact stuff.  tried it definitely, and it's worth more experimentation, but the cerebral high of nice medium-potency sativa mixed with endorphins while exploring this obscenely gorgeous city is an intoxicating dream-like level of distraction.  despite the fact that i'm intoxicated, i've yet to experience a single accident or even a close call in a thousand miles of city running.  but this obviously not the brightest regimen.  and i do recognize fully that this is additional wear-and-tear on the lungs is not sustainable.  but for now, it's a little like psychological training wheels that keep the running something to look forward to instead of a chore to get through.


                  mixed signals seems like a valid concern, but my whole running form and sort of animal response and conditioning were all while thoroughly saturated with THC.  i have no background in medicine whatsoever, but it feels like my system is awfully used to it.


                  clearly the answer from this forum so far is to get THC-infused sandwiches.  i bet they already have that!  just need to get my green card...


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                      I love to run after a few hits.  Not enough to tar up my lungs. Just enough to sort of feel it.  Yes I smoke the dankest dank so it doesn't take much. I started enjoying marijuana while being active 15 years ago.  I would lift weights and smoke.  Then I got really into swimming several years ago.  Nothing beats just gliding along in the water while high.   I also would like to dispel the myth that all tokers are losers.   I am 33 and co manage a multi million dollar commodity fund.  I went to an elite school bc I scored 1530 on the SAT.  I took it twice.  I took it once sober and scored 1210.  My mother made me take it a second time so I ripped a bong the whole way to the test.....scored 1530.   Maybe it relaxed me?  Who knows?   But I run every day now.  Anywhere from 4-7 miles.  I literally skip one day every 3 weeks maybe.   I stretch out for 20 minutes before I head out and I am taking 2-3 hits while I stretch.  

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                        Dude. You're telling us about your SAT scores and your mother a decade and a half later on a message board on a thread last bumped a year ago. Time to reevaluate your achievements. 



                          Dude. You're telling us about your SAT scores and your mother a decade and a half later on a message board on a thread last bumped a year ago. Time to reevaluate your achievements. 


                          It is an example of the dankest dank.



                            Dude. You're telling us about your SAT scores and your mother a decade and a half later on a message board on a thread last bumped a year ago. Time to reevaluate your achievements. 

                             Dude, BEEF, you are like totally the forum master!  Way to be an asshole.  Thank you.   This thread hasn't been bumped in year and then you reply within 11 minutes?  Maybe it is you that should reevaluate.  When I typed "running stoned" into google this was the top link.  Not that you asked.   I was simply giving reason that not all smokers are losers or mentally handicapped.   The subject was broached earlier in the thread.  If i didn't mention being co-head of a hedge fund or my SAT then assholes like you would comment on how I am probably not achieving much or I am not intelligent.  Basically, I would have ended up sounding ignorant like you.   



                            I thought this was friendly community board where positive people exchanged ideas around their love of running.  I guess I was wrong.  Or is it just you, Beef?   



                            and yes, the dankest dank, it be stank.  


                              Oh my God.  I just looked at your profile BEEF.   You are a lawyer.  The asshole part makes sense now.   


                                i thought this thread was going to be about people throwing rocks at each other.


                                and... it is!

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