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    Glad the tests are ok. Sorry you are in so much pain. But very very grateful that you are still with us. Rest up.

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      On my end the pain is trending away very slowly and I'm very fatigued. Yesterday I had a bit of a surreal day. I called my dr for a followup and found he was gone for the week. They recommended that I go to the walk in clinic if I wanted to be seen. Figuring it would be nice to talk it over with a doctor and get some reassurance that what I was experiencing was normal (and to get more meds so I can sleep!) off I went. Right after triage the sent me straight to the ER!  CT scan, chest x-rays, EKG, IV, bloodwork, chest CT, and more exams are what followed! I didn't expect to be gone the whole day. In short, I'm ok. I've just got head to toe (literally) muscle and bone trauma and bruising on top of the visible stuff. The doctor told me I have very strong bones. I'll be ok. It's just going to take time. My pain management regime needed to be upped. I'm on day 7 of an unending headache but can sleep better knowing nothing serious has been overlooked.


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      Sleep lots.  It is important.  The fatigue is from all the work your body is doing.  I'll bet you have an elevated temp as well.


      It will take some time, but one day you'll change from hurting all over to having discrete pains as each area starts to heal at its own rate.


      The Dr should be able to work with you on pain management, that is really important. Under Dr's care, some pretty high doses of ibuprofen can work when other approaches aren't helping and let you avoid narcotics' side effects (like the GI tract shut down).


      Don't do anything remote stunt-like, such as going for a run or ride until you're much better.  Walking is good and low impact.

      I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)