Removing workout types from the default RUNNING activity? (Read 41 times)


    I wanted to clean up my Running activity to reduce the number of workouts to just 6 (speed, long/medium and easy for both road and trail)

    I can't however manage to get rid of most of them. 
    I tried switching browser from Chrome to Safari (Mac user) but the issue is not browser related.


    I then created two new activities but then I loose the VO2max calculation and it gets a bit more complicated to manage the training plans and set up a summary, specially when you need to keep track of  two different running activities and a few other sports.


    Is  there something I am missing? 

    Or would it be a good idea to just create a new account?


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    Emil Zatopek

      There are some workout types that are there by default that you can not remove.  You can rename them though,


      If you do a search in this forum for "workout types" a bunch of threads will pop-up detailing how it all works.