How to create a cross training summary? (Read 1059 times)

    Hi, all - I notice that a good number of your training logs include a cross training summary. I haven't yet figured out how to do that, and would be very grateful for some direction/instruction. For the time being, my cross training consists of working with kettlebells and using the stairmaster. TIA!
      You've got the kettlebells showing up in your crosstraining summary already. The reason your stairmaster isn't showing is because you didn't enter it as a workout type. Start with Options --> My Log Preferences. Click on "Other Workouts." Type "stairmaster" in one of the empty spots. Hit "Save." Then, enter in a stairmaster workout: Use the dropdown box right next to "new run entry." Select "New Stairmaster Entry." Your workout will show up in your crosstraining summary. Big grin

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