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Canadian princess

    This week, there have been two threads that I cannot read. If I click on them, I get sent to main forum page. Two different user groups. Am I the only one?

      have found that also with one thread. 


        What are the names of those threads?  If you can get at the url, that would be more helpful.  Just right click on the link and select copy.


        eric Smile


          Here's one of them:


          Marathon training




          If you take off the "/resume#focus" part of the URL, you can get to the thread.

            Yeah, that's the one I had. When clicking on the subject, it goes back to the main screen. When clicking on the last post, it does go into the thread.




            Canadian princess

              It isn't doing it anymore. I'll post the url next time or if it happens again. Thanks.

                I've seen this a couple times this week. The issue was transient. I saw it when the (probably) last post of a thread page was posted. An arrow and page number for the next page was offered. When I clicked that arrow or page number I was dumped on the main forum page. As soon as another person replied to the thread a new page was created and the problem disappeared.

                  The problem was caused by the number of posts in the thread being out of sync with reality.  That was caused by me removing spam posts without updating the count.  I've updated all the post counts so this problem shouldn't happen again.  Please let me know if this is not true.


                  eric Smile

                    Fixed! Thanks Eric.


                    Canadian princess

                      It just happened again in the Boston Stalking thread in the Letter and Opinions user group.

                      Canadian princess

                        It stopped.


                          I believe this behavior manifests itself when post(s) is/are nuked from a thread and you approach the bottom of a page of posts.  The counter gets off by 1 (or more) and when the last post is added to the bottom of the current page, it thinks it needs to count over to a new page.  But there's nothing posted on that page really, so it pops you back out of the thread if, as a reader, you click on what it shows as the last page.


                          But then when someone adds another real post, there's content to place into that next/last page.  So the bad behavior disappears for awhile.  Until that page fills up with posts and it repeats.


                          Net/net - you only encounter this if you happen to click on a thread right when the current page of posts is essentially "full" AND the thread has been monkeyed with.



                          Connoisseur of Cookies

                            Not sure if you guys are still tracking these events but it happened to me this morning in the L&O Karma thread in the L&O group.


                            Thank you, too, for being so attentive and responsive to the site.  It is greatly appreciated!



                            "C" is for cookie.  That's good enough for me.

                              I noticed the problem kept occurring so I looked into it about a week ago.  It turned out to be caused by my fix to prevent duplicate posts and threads.  This problem occurs only when the system prevents a duplicate post and does not update the post count correctly.  Because I can't figure out how the duplicate posts happen, I can't thoroughly test the duplicate post fix properly.


                              I created a fix for this problem but haven't uploaded the fix because I've made other changes that need further testing.  I've been manually updating the post count daily, which fixes the problem.  I'm planning to upload the changes some time this weekend and then the problem will be fixed permanently.