How to adapt HM plan to fit a 10mi race in (Read 88 times)

    Hello everyone!  I am training for my first HM in April using a Pfitzinger HM plan.  It started at 30 miles/week and is supposed to peak at 50 next week.  It holds 50 for two weeks, then starts cutting back miles in the 4 weeks pre-race.  Like most Pfitz plans, it has a weekly LR and MLR, and then either a LT or a V02Max workout for the week.


    I've been able to follow the plan pretty much as written.  I had a tough time getting started, which I think it because I wasn't used to doing any speedwork.  I also had a knee issue early that was instantly fixed when I replaced my shoes.  Since then things have gone well.  I have been just short of what the plan calls for, mileage-wise.  My LRs started as 2 miles short of the ones in the plan, and I'm now 1 mile short.  I'm also about 2 miles short of the total weekly mileage.  But that's about the level that feels comfortable but challenging for me.


    This week I will run 44 miles (plan says 46), next week I have 48 scheduled (plan says 50), then the week after if things are still going well I thought I'd go up to 50 so that I'd at least hit the mileage peak as written once.


    The following week, the plan drops to 44.  That also happens to be the week that I have a 10-mile race scheduled.  My plan calls for two more tune-up races, 8-10K each.  Instead I'm doing the one 10 miler and will do the other either as a tempo or TT later.


    The week of the race is also a cutback for the LR, going down to 11 miles.  I was thinking I'd use the race as my LR for the week in addition to counting it as the week's tune up race.  So the rest of the week would be fairly easy miles, nothing longer than 8.


    But my question is, do I need to cut back more considering the distance of the race?  It's not a goal race, naturally, although I will use the results to help me pace my HM.  Should I go up to 50 the week before, or do two 48's?  I guess the two miles don't really matter one way or another, except that sometimes it makes the difference between running 5x in a week and running 6.


    My log should be public, and my plan as "scheduled" through the 10-miler is on there.




      I assume that you refer to the plans in "Road Racing for Serious Runners" .In this book the plan is the same for all distances starting at 15K and up to the HM. You do not need to change anything. The point is the mix of lactate threshold, speed intervals and long runs. In these distances lactate threshold training is the most important part. If you are following Pfizinger's Half Marathon plan you will get plenty of that.


      I wouldn't bother about 1 or 2 miles shorter LR. Just don't take the missing mileage from one week to the other; stick to the peak distance as a maximum. And also keep in mind that the Pfiz plans are based on ROAD running only, so that if you do any other form of cross training you should take this into account. I was doing a 60 miles plan last year and hat to cut back drastically because I was starting to feel extremely tired. It happens that I was doing 30 miles on bike per week which I count as 10miles running: With this correction I was able to reach a nice time at my target HM.


      Also: If you train on trail instead of on the road you should also count this as a harder training. Your pace will not be so good but hills and technical footing will make it harder (and an excellent workout, BTW). I have no idea on how this influences the milage and effort, but I just know that after an 18 miler at -2C in the woods I just welcome dead while I am feel fresh as a rose after the same distance on road and at a higher  pace (even with hills).


      Thus: Take it easy and just don't waste a second thought about a mile or two less, I  bet you will do an excellent 10mi and an awesome HM!


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        Thanks, and yes, it's HM Plan B from "Road Racing for Serious Runners" that I'm following.

        I guess what I'm asking is this- I realized that my 10 miler comes just after the toughest part of my plan.  I mean, I knew that before in theory, but it didn't really hit home until I sat down and started planning individual workouts.   I'm sure it's not an accident that he has the race on that week in the plan, now that I think about it- running on fatigued muscles and all that.


        So I was wondering if I should adjust anything to make it easier for my 10-miler the week of that race.  Now that I think about it though, making concessions for that race would take away from potential benefits for my goal race.  As long as I give myself a break since I know I'll be running the first race on tired legs.

          Personally I would probably just switch the 14th and 17th just to give myself a bit more rest before the race.

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            I would cut back 20% the last two days before your race and run it hard.  10 miles is easier than the 1/2.  If you can run your 1/2 race pace for 10 miles that would be great.  You have time to recover during taper.

              Update- I took FatSweatyBullDog's advice and switched the 4 miler and the 6 miler this week to give myself 2 easy days before my race, and it went well!  Finished in 1:26:15, with the last 2 miles faster,  so now I need a new "A" goal for my HM! Smile