Running log and GPS import update (Read 3348 times)


    RA is AWESOME!!! I can't wait to see the upgrade with the gps feature.

      Thanks alot Eric.



        Eric, You are awesome. Thanks for everything. Lu
          What can I add? Just read the updates and wanted to thank Eric for his time and dedication to the unbelievable tool RA is. Thanks a lot! Smile
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            Why wait for the upgrade? If, like me, you've found RA to be an incredibly useful tool, perhaps a small contribution is in order already.
            Hopefully, everyone who uses the log can hop on paypal and buy our good friend Eric a couple of cups of Starbucks when this thing comes out. Or a big screen TV or something Wink Whatever your budget supports.

              I have to sign up for Pay Pal, this site is to good. not to donate something, for all the hard work eric puts into it Smile

                Thanks for all the hard work, Eric! We all appreciate it! Smile
                  Eric - Like everyone else Thank you for the great site. I do have one question regarding GPS support. I have been logging my runs for a while now at RA and have recently purchased a Forerunner 305. I am willing to wait for the new log/GPS import support but in the mean time I have data on my Garmin. Is there a site or program that you intend to provide import capabilities to so if I save my GPS data to it and export it that RA will be able to import my data. Kind of like what you have done with the CR log. Mike
                  eric :)

                    Hi m1ke, I'm planning to support importing of Garmin's history (HST) files. I think that's what Garmin uses to store your data locally on your computer. My concern with importing HST files in your case is that you may get duplicate data if you're currently recording your data here on RA as well. eric :-)

                      Mike you can load your info on the Training Center Software from Garmin and then it sounds like you should be able to export the HST file to the site when it is ready

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                        Eric, I believe, is planning to import the .hst files directly from the GPS device.

                          Hey Eric, Great job on the new version of the log! I know you had said last year that you were working on a GPS import feature for Garmin and other devices, and I was wondering what the status of it was. I've been manually adding the data from my Garmin 305 for the past few weeks since I got it, but if the GPS import feature is going to be available anytime soon I'll just wait to upload future workouts. Any update would be greatly appreciated. And as always, thank you for all the great work you do! Sincerely, Sean
                          eric :)

                            Hi Sean, Check back in a few days Wink eric :-)
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                                Is it a few days yet?

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