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    Apologies for a bit of a gloat...... But! Just done my first HM after a 8 year lay off from running. I followed a New Balance Sub 1:30 plan. My 2 mile splits were 12:54 Smile 12:56 Big grin 13:11 Big grin 13:03 Big grin 13:51 Confused 13:42 Tongue 7:50 Dead Total 1:27:29 As you can see it was a poorly paced race with the wheels starting to come off between 8 and 10, and 10 to 13.1 was a case of digging very very deep indeed, but the result was better than my training had indicated. I placed 357th out of 8816 finishers. So as you can imagine I am an extremely happy Teddy Bear... I would recommend the New Balance Plans, If i knew how to attach a .pdf file to this post then I would!!!! OK enough crowing, here's to all runners who have acheived good things and placed a post here Regards
      Great time - Gloat away! Smile Love the emoticon updates.


      I've got a fever...

        Nice Race! I thought the use of the emoticons with your splits was particularly descriptive. Give yourself some credit though. You actually did a pretty good job pacing -- those splits represent a variation of only ±3.6%. Big grin A few questions: 1) How long have you been running since you re-started after the lay-off? 2) Do you have URL for the New Balance plan you used? Cheers, Jeff

        On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.

          Wow, you are speedy!
          2009: BQ?

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            That's a great time. Congratulations!! Bath is such a beautiful place, I'm sure that was a great run! Smile
              AWESOME TIME!!! Congrats!!

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                WOW! Great race! Cool
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                You'll ruin your knees!

                  Nice day for a gloat...particularly good use of smilies/frownies! Oh, and GREAT JOB ON THE RACE! OK, I know you would like to have had more even splits, but a sub 1:30 is freakin GREAT, I tell you, GREAT! Way to go! Lynn B

                  ""...the truth that someday, you will go for your last run. But not today—today you got to run." - Matt Crownover (after Western States)

                    Dude!!!! Quite sweet. I wish I could go that distance. I'm really impressed, especially after all that time off. /me bows.

                      Hi, Thanks for all the kind words, sorry I haven't got back sooner but I have been away visiting the City of York wher I have a house. To answer Jeffgo blue questions I re-started running last June when my partner signed up for the Bristol Half which took place in Sep 06. I ended up acting as her water carrier on the long Sunday runs, it placed the running bug, which had sadly been missing,back in me. During my absence from running I was doing a lot of Concept 2 indoor rower training so my cardio vascular was still of a decent level (6:41 for 2km on the indoor rower if it means anything to anyone?). The New Balance training programme was on www.bathhalfmarathon.co.uk Then on the left hand side bar is an icon stating Training Schedules if I recall it has a sub 2hour sub 1:30 and a get you round plan. I will attempt to find the full URL and post it later today. Again, many thanks for your kind words. Regards Shaun

                        The URL for the Sub 1:30 plan http://www.bathhalfmarathon.co.uk/site.aspx?i=xb228 But as I said in my earlier post, to view all the plans go to www.bathhalfmarathon.co.uk Then click on Training programmes on the left hand menu. Regards

                        Now that was a bath...

                          Hey BristolRunner! I'm from Bristol too. Born and bred in Longwell Green, near Hanham, went to school in Oldland Common. Where you at? Course I live in Auckland NZ now but I still talk like a cross between a farmer's wench and a servant girl. That accent is so hard to shake. It really annoys me because I think that I speak so cosmopolitan after living in London for years, but as soon as they meet me people say 'You're from Bristol then!' Gert lush! Claire xxx
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                            Actually I'm an in comer. Born in Leicester in the East Midlands I left at the age of 17 and joined the British Army I've travelled around with the Forces for 23 years finally landing in Bristol, I started in Fishponds and ended up in Shirehampton. I love Brissle its gert lush. I have taken to supporting Bristol City etc etc etc The local radio station did a cover of Feed the world with lines such as 'There's a burnt out car in Hartcliffe' and Do they know it's Christmas time in Knowle' For Bristolians it was very very funny. Regards

                            Now that was a bath...

                              That song sounds very funny. I'll never forget Vicki Pollard's line in Little Britain 'I just seen Christina Aguillera getting on a bus in Fishponds' You have to sort of 'know' Fishponds to know how totally ridiculous that statement is though. Happy running. Claire xxx
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