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    Hi. I run in Asics 2120 road shoes but find that I'm doing more and more off road, would anyone be able to tell me which would be the nearest suitable off road shoe. Thanks.
      Why types of trails are you running that the 2120 won't handle? Depending on the kinds of trails you're running, many people use road shoes. Some trail shoes are more suitable for pointy-side-up rocky trails but might be really uncomfortable in other situations. Other trail shoes are good for muddy trails, and the lugs may tend to shed the mud. Some hybrid shoes do a so-so job under an assortment of conditions. (I'm not that familiar with any of the road shoes or any of the specific trail shoe models other than my own to make a suggestion, but was just suggesting some additional info you might provide to get a suitable answer.)
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        Thanks for this. Generally muddy, hilly and with some rocky bits! I'm thinking a hybrid may be the way to go.
          There's an Asics 2130 trail shoe . 2130 is the next in the 2000 series, so hopefully the fit would be similar. I love my 2120's also, and I was planning on trying the trail ones soon. MTA: there's an Asics 2120 trail shoe also. I can give a review on it in a few weeks I hope, as I ordered one last night from Road Runner Sports.
            Over $100.00-ish: Asics Trail Sensor WR Under $100.00-ish: NB 808 Both provided me with excellent arch protection (vs. arch support) on rocky, muddy, hilly and root-filled trails. I would have bought the 808's again, except that the store I was at (Luke's Locker in Dallas) isn't a NB dealer. I was never in love with the heel/ankle cup on the 808 (it kept slipping down as I put my shoe on), but they have lasted forever.

              I use racing flats for trails just like all of my other runs.

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                I run in 2120 road and 2120 trails. I love the trail shoes. I actually like them better than the road. I had the trail shoes first and moved away from Saucony to the 2120 roads. The trail shoes give a good amount of support but still feel like a running shoe.
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                  I just got a pair of North Face Boa Trail Shoes. I really like them and the "novelty" of the Boa lace is actually quite nice and makes adjusting it on the fly easy. Pebble in shoe and you can have it out in 10-15 seconds even with gloves on. I use them on pavement too as they are quite comfy...


                    Thanks all! You have all given me food for for thought - I guess the issues of pronation/ over pronation are not as crucial running trails? This is the main reason I mention my 2120's as I'm happy in those on the road.