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    After much delay, I'm happy to announce that the shirts are finally available! I uploaded the store pages late last night and didn't have a chance to make the proper announcement. The "Shopping" tab is located to the right of the "Community" tab. The beta users and I tried to find and resolve all the bugs. There is one outstanding problem. One of the beta users reported that he is unable to make a purchase from the UK. I still do not know what is going on because his browser is displaying different information from everyone else. If you made a purchase from the UK, please let me know how that turned out. This is the first time I am dealing with money/goods exchange so I do not know what to expect. I'm sure there are still some kinks to work out, but like the rest of the site, I'm putting my full support behind it. If you encounter any problem during the process, please let me know (and provide as much information as you can), and we'll work it out together. Thank you for making what it is today! eric Smile
      Worked fine for me today when I placed my order.
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        Thanks Chris! Which browser did you use?
          Hey Eric! Are there women's (short sleeved) tshirts? I only saw an RA tank top for women and an RA tshirt for men. Thanks! Trish
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            Worked fine for me, too. Using FireFox on XP.

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              Hey Eric! Are there women's (short sleeved) tshirts? I only saw an RA tank top for women and an RA tshirt for men. Thanks! Trish
              Hi Trishia, There aren't any women's t-shirts because I didn't want to keep it simple for now. Once I get everything working smoothly, I'll look into introducing more variety. Sorry about the limited selections Blush The negotiation and ordering took so long that I really should be selling long sleeves right now. Oh well. Live and learn. eric Smile
                Order Confirmed! Portable Firefox on Win XP apparently its downloading the update now Shocked
                  I bought mine. They look cool. I love the $2 shipping, too.

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                    This is so exciting! Time to go shopping! Big grin
                      Thanks Chris! Which browser did you use?
                      IE v6. Can't wait for the shirt. Thanks. I second the $2 shipping. Great price.
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                        Eric - Thanks for the great job on this site. You've done a great job. As a (former (since June)) computer programmer I have some idea of what this site must entail. I'm just amazed at your ability to single-handedly maintain the site AND keep such a great attitude. I don't normally by shirts with company or brand names on them because I feel like they should be paying me for the advertising, however, with runningAHEAD I feel like I should be paying you for the service, so I ordered a shirt. Also, I just loved the implication that all your users look like supermodels. -Erica
                          eric Can you quote me the shipping price to Singapore? Thanks Big grin
                            Everyone: I should be the one thanking you for buying the shirts and helping to advertise the site. I don't like paying high prices for running clothes, and you shouldn't as well. Erica: since I will never be a professional athlete, I figure I'll stay with what I'm good at. Being a geek is not hard. I just like making tools, even if no one will ever use them. I should look into being a mechanic. They have lots of tools Big grin Sleepykitty and all the international folks: It will cost $5.40 to ship internationally. This is where I get the quotes from: The shirts weight about 6 oz each. I tack on about $0.50 for the shipping supplies so you're paying very close to the actual shipping cost. Hope this helps.
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                              I ordered mine right away!!! It worked great and I second the comment on the awesomely low shipping costs! I'm so excited for the shirts!!! Thanks so much Eric!

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                                Hey Eric, I'm gutted! Google checkout is telling me that doesn't ship to my address in the UK. Using IE7 on XP. Cry