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    I should of asked for an Eric autograph on mine! oh well, next time!
    Nice - now I will have to get another one Wink

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      Nice - now I will have to get another one Wink
      I am going to bring a bleaching marker (or a big black sharpie) so I can get RA'ers to sign my shirt at races I attend! Just Kidding...unless there is a contest for some goodies.


        A+ transaction. Ordered the shirts with ease and they arrived in the mail just a few business days later. The shirts look and feel great and you can't beat the price. Thanks for making this available.

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          How do i order and check them out? I'm new to this site.... Confused


            How do i order and check them out? I'm new to this site.... Confused
            Press the Shopping Tab button at the top of the screen (or just click on the link I provided which brings you to the same place.)

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                THANKS ERIC!!!!!! I just got mine in the mail and it's awesome! It's the new racing shirt for 2008! In case you hadn't heard, YOU DA MAN!

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                  I wore my shirt today at a track work out. I really like it, but it occurred to me that, like Eric, it’s very modest. Not that that is a bad thing, but I’m not sure that anyone could read it (and not because I was going so fast). If you do another run, consider upping the font a little and maybe adding a logo. Maybe even having a site contest to design the logo. Just a thought. Just thinking out loud. I’ll go back to looking at other people’s logs now….
                    A logo contest would DEFINITELY be cool! I want people to know about this awesome site.
                      I agree. A logo contest would be a ton of fun. I think the word should be spread.
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                        Okay, I was waiting for eric’s yay or nay on the idea – plus I didn’t want to influence other peoples creative ideas by posting something – but I came up with 2 possible designs. I don’t have any software to create anything and apparently I’ve lost my ability to draw so I’ll try to describe them. I’m hoping that there is someone with design skills out there to create these or expand upon them. For the first one I went for subtle and it’s the letters R A with a couple of whooshes built into them. I can also visualize this 3 dimensional and animated (slow 360o rotation) on the website (would be cool to see it do that on a t-shirt too, but that might be pushing it, cost wise.). The second one involves incorporating the R and A into a winged foot. I see the winged foot in a black out line and again the letters R and A (this time in a flowing font) in a different color built into it. The left part of the A would be the shoe straps. Of course I think eric needs a logo for himself probably something with a lower case e, a semi colon and a right parenthesis e Wink
                          Can you please add New Zealand to the shipping destinations?
                            Can you please add New Zealand to the shipping destinations?
                            Andrew, New Zealand is one of the destinations. Is it not working for you?

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                              Hmmm...I can see Eternal Rookie's design with flames. That would be way cool. Big grin

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                                Ok... I ordered a navy lg. I really wanted a light blue but it wouldn't let me order it. I just thought you were sold out so I just ordered the navy instead. I got my package 2 days later and to my surprise it was a light blue Surprised Smile Here's my google order... Shipped 1 Men's Technical T-Shirt (L, Navy) Im glad I got the one I originally wanted... But now Im thinking I want a Navy one too Big grin Is there any Lg Navy left? If I order one will I get a light blue again? Tongue I hope Im not confusing anyone...