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    IMHO I would alternate the long runs, easy one week and incorporating some effort the next.


    You may be asking a lot of yourself, running solid track work on Wed then tempo on Fri and LR on Sun (half the time with quality ending), given your mileage level.  I don't know your training but there are two possibilities:

    1)  Your current mileage level is low compared to what you could handle, so your overall fatigue level is consistently low; you can handle extra quality as a result.

    2)  You're running to your current fitness level mileage-wise...in which case 3 workouts with 1 rest day in between will be quite a challenge.


    When I was running 70-100mpw consistently and was in my 20s I could ro Tue-Thur workouts with Sun long run, and sometimes some moderate stuff on Sat to boot.  Now in my mid-30s running 50-70mpw consistently I almost always need 2 recovery days in between workouts.


    YMMV but I think you're asking a lot of yourself.


    An alternative if you like the weekly track workout is to keep it....and do the tempo work during your long run, and more of it than what is currently in your plan (4-6 miles in there, vs 10-15min as you wrote).  The most effective HM training I ever used was a Tues track workout and Sun long run with a Thurs "med-long run workout" of 12-14 miles with really solid quality in it...3X15min tempo with 5min recovery, 8-10mile tempo effort, progression last 10 miles of it, etc.  That medium-long run was pure gold.  You'd be doing a variation on that by using it as your long run.  You may have to shorten the run a bit to integrate that much effort, but given your weekly mileage level, doing that every other week at least may not be a bad thing?  The HM requries stamina for a long, sustained effort and that's what this does for you.


    you are probably right about trying to take on too much.  I do feel that I  can handle abit more quality or harder effort on current mileage so closer to 1) above, exactly how much?  not sure.  also know that I am capable of better race performance as usually am somewhat conservative at the start.  need to adjust my mind set and race strategy (as well as tweak training).  I think that weekly plan you mentioned above would be perfect with the wo's you mentioned for Tues/Thurs/Sun.   maybe the club will switch track session to Tues.?? ha   I also have to deal with a work schedule that changes (somewhat drastically) from week to week.  my running is always adjusted for that.   


    next 2 weeks have fri/sun off so I think that I will do this: wed:track session-ultraconservative (for several sessions just to "blow out the carbon" abit)  FriSurprisedne of my tempo/progression runs that I like to alternate or a downgraded version of your med-long run  Sun: 8-10 easy   


    this will lead into a series of three 5k's up to 7/4.    At this point don't expect much benefit from training for these 5 k's as they are coming up soon.  Do expect better race performance just by changing mindset/race strategy/being more confident.


    HM is on 9/28 so figure with maybe 2 races in there/vacation/HM taper have about 8 weeks of solid training after 1st wk of July.  Will see how the above is working out.  My prioity will be the LR with tempo as you laid out (staying within that "sweet spot") & the midweek medium run.  Would like to continue those track sessions but would drop those if needed to give good solid effort on the priority runs.  could always do some sort of downgraded track session on my own on Tues ???


    TChuck: those are some good options, thank you.  you always have good solid words/advice.  still sticking at 25 mpw?


    Spaniel: I have been forwarned & promise to ease into this.  Like I said I tend to be probably too conservative, therefore underachieve, but in this for the long haul & not expecting quick results from a big blast of overtraining.

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      Sounds good skyedog.  Best of luck and keep us updated.  Make sure that some of your track work is 5K pace or a tad faster to get used to the speed.  Let us know how things progress.

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        TChuck: those are some good options, thank you.  you always have good solid words/advice.  still sticking at 25 mpw?



        Yep, still pushing through at 25 miles a week as efficiently as possible. Hammys/toe limit me in doing what I would like and miles but out there racing and doing my best and maximizing performance on low miles. Good luck to you!

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          plan on the first few (2-4) track sessions to actually be just a tad slower than 5k (like I said ultraconservative) & see how I respond. progress from there. 


          Tchuck:  impressed with your accomplishments on  25 mpw.  After last yrs marathon training which resulted in slower than expected 5k times & bout with PF plan is too go no more than 45 mpw max & avg more like 35-40.  ended up less than a marathon short of beating the bunny.  this yr  1600-1700 will be good, so trying to maximize on the lower mileage as you are doing.


          track intervals vs tempo:choose one-  appears the overwhelming consensus is tempo over the intervals if choosing just one.

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            track intervals vs tempo:choose one-  appears the overwhelming consensus is tempo over the intervals if choosing just one.


            I think it depends on what race you're focusing on.   A 5k runner would really benefit from intervals, since even long intervals like 1-mile repeats should be run at 5k race pace or faster.  Tempo running, on the other hand, is slower than 5k race pace.  Not saying that tempo runs aren't valuable, but I think it's good to some workouts at or faster than race pace.  Tempo runs fit that bill for longer races, but not for 5k.


            But as many of said, it's a false dichotomy.  Try to work some of both in, since intervals and tempo runs are really working different systems.  Better to not ignore either of them.

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              I'm looking to find a good balance between both with proper recovery.  got back short time ago from track session.  went ok, not full out as its been awhile for track intervals-will slowly progress from here.   Abit tired already as went there straight from work & being on feet all day.


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                i would never consider one over the other.  they both have an important spot my routine...and mixing it up a bit is always a good thing...well for me anyway.

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