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    This is just the "polite Englishman" in me coming out but, when you are out for a run, do you acknowledge someone making way for you, or do you just run on by...? Today I got to noticing how often I do it - whether it was when a group walking three-abreast moved over to let pass (cheery wave and a shouted "Thank-you!" (just to show them I had enough puff Wink )), or when a car pulled out to give me plenty of clearance (Just a cheery wave, obviously...). Also, what do you do when you see another runner, do you smile, say hello/hi/bonjour/guten tag/whatever.....or, as in the case of one guy I see pretty regularly, make a point of studying your watch and not "noticing" any other runner...? I suspect that the people who answer this will be the polite types (they will answer for just that reason Wink ) Cheers, Phil
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      I'm always polite and acknowledge kindness. I figure if I don't that the next time that person encounters a runner they won't be so nice, and next time that runner could be me. k

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        In general, when someone does something nice or thoughtful for you, running related or not, it's always good to acknowledge their actions. I generally am taken aback when stuff like that happens and want to make sure that the person knows that I'm sincerely thankful for what they've done. Not that I have many other runners by me, but when I do pass one, I will either wave or say hello. I don't always get a response, not that I expect one. People are out there for different reasons, some to just be by themselves so I try to respect that by not being too invasive. For almost 1 year, I would pass this woman runner in opposite directions, and not once did she acknowledge any of my waves or hellos. Then one day I happeded to be running in the same direction as her, and I briefly chatted with her and introduced myself. From that day on, she always returned or even initiated the greeting. So in her case, I was thinking that it was a matter of insecurity on her part, not wanting to acknowledge some strange guy. Phil, keep up the cheery disposition out there!


          I always wave at someone the first time I see them in a run. If I am at one of my loops where I will see the same person over and over again I won't keep waving but I will acknowledge their presence the first time. When a group of people or someone moves out of the way I always say thank you. It very rarely happens so It is say thank you or fall on the ground in suprise hehe

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            Because of the time of day I find myself running (late PM), I don't often see many folks out on the path. If I do, I either say "hello" or nod my head. Most of the time, I get a nod or nothing in return which is fine. I made it down to run with Trent this past Saturday morning in Tennessee, and a cheery "morning!" was issued to all passing/passed runners, walkers, and even a few bikers. I've found that most people out getting their exercise are quite polite.

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              When I'm in the street or road, I give an acknowledgment wave to each car that passes me. I learned that from a friend while biking a few years ago. His theory is that a polite wave will keep that person from causing you any problems the next time you encounter them.
                I have to admit it--when I get near the end of a really long run, Bozo the Clown could go skating by me and I might not acknowledge him. I get to a point, sometimes, when I just don't have the energy or desire (or, let's face it--manners) to say hello. But usually, yes, I give a wave to other runners/walkers and occasionally to bikers. Smile
                  I always say hi or hey (or grunt something if it's a long run) to other runners or bicyclers. Wave to cars too.
                    I generally give a quick wave or nod, depending on how I'm feeling/what point I'm at in my run. Around my house there aren't many runners, so when I see someone I get all excited and give a big wave and generally say "Hi", unfortunately, they don't usually respond. Perhaps I look desperate? Blush
                      I usually wave or smile. If it is a single female and it is getting late or still early I might not say anything since it could be taken he wrong way. I always acknowledge vehicles with a wave either with all my fingers or just the one depending on how they passed me.

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                        I try to make eye contact, smile and wave. If they're close enough, I'll say hello. I have noticed that I ordinarily only get acknowledged by male runners. Seems many female runners in my area are only able to give the 'stink eye' when running.

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                          I say hi to runners that pass in the opposite direction, or I give a little wave if a car lets me run by. But, there are so many people outdoors on one street I run on, that I usually just smile at most people. But I do appreciate those who smile back Wink
                            Where I live every runner says hi to another runner...if the other runner doesn't, you just assume they're new at it, and will catch on at some point or not a part of the running community at all... or maybe they're just a jerk Wink I say hi to walkers too if they make eye contact and wave to cars that make way but again, if it's near the end of a really long run and i'm struggling just to finish, then I'm the same as Tanya and wouldn't notice bozo walk by me, but those times are rare and i'm sure it's obvious to any passerby.

                            Looking gooooood ;p

                              Thanks for all your answers....It's great to know you are all such a polite crowd Cool ....but then I said you would be in my original post Wink Cheers, Phil
                              The best route to run is one which takes you furthest from the staff canteen....
                                Showing gratitude is always good.