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    Is it common, when you buy new running shoes, to feel soreness in the calves and shins? Also, my feet are not feeling great as well. If you were to measure it in miles, about how long will it take to break in these damn things?

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      Short answer, yes.


      Long answer, it really depends how long break-in will take and how long it will take before things feel good.  Partly depends on whether the shoes are right for you to begin with.


      As an extreme example, Mizuno left the Wave Precisions largely unchanged for a decade or more.  They worked for me, so I bought probably 30 pairs of them.  Break-in and soreness was nonexistent as I was already used to the shoe and it worked for me.  Recently they discontinued them, I've tried a couple other Mizuno models, and since the last is similar they have worked for me.


      As contrast, I bought a pair of Brooks T6 Racers.  While they felt good initially, I wore them a total of 3 times and each time they raised massive blisters within 6 miles.  No acclimating to that.

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        Have you changed your training load or the surfaces you run on (switching to more hills/more treadmill/etc)? I'm not saying it is not the shoes, but don't discount other changes you may have made recently.


        How many miles have you put on the shoes that are giving you issues? Did you have any problems before you got the new ones?

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          Nothing has changed with my running routes at this time. I have ran just a few miles in them, not more than 10. I'm pretty sure they are not close to breaking them in. I didn't have any issues before I got the new pair.

          i will probably give them another run later this week and see how they feel. Also, I'll wear them out a bit. We will see.


            It maybe that you got a minimalistic running shoes. They look great, feels great, but not so easy to run with them. Take a look at your shoes soul...