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    This is what works for me. Usually cheap thin bike tights from Bike Nashbar or Performance Bike, or C9 tights for 10-35F degrees. 10F or less usually Performance Triflex Tight (again bike tights). 35+ usually shorts. Depending on whether it is raining, sunny, windy, etc. the numbers may shift a bit.


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      I have a pair of Addidas wind pants, pretty light light weight nylon shell with a mesh liner down the legs that keeps them from sticking when its raining or from sweat. I don't usually wear any long pants to run, because it generally doesn't get below 25 or 30 here, and that's rare, but if its real windy or drizzling I'll wear them. They work for me.

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        you can also try adidas astro pant. they work well in anything from 20F to 50F. i have gone through at least 4-5 pairs. they are great.


          For those mid temps, I usually wear a pair of cotton pajama pants. You can usually find them really cheap and they breath well. My current pair is a beautiful purple plaid. Which has the added benefit that if they are staring at you, they aren't running you over with their car.
          Hmmm. Purple plaid safety pjs. I think this calls for some pics! Big grin


            Nike Dri-Fit are great, as are anything by SportHill.

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