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    I LOVE this show! And I love love love the guy who plays Jim Halpert (John Krasinski is such a hottie).
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      did and I had heard such great things about this show and are both HUGE fans of Steve Carrell's...so I bought the first season sight-unseen on DVD for did for Christmas. We got through 3-4 episodes and neither of us could get into it. Strange, since we both have warped senses of humor and just about everyone we know loves the show. k

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        I LOVE this show! And I love love love the guy who plays Jim Halpert (John Krasinski is such a hottie).
        I'm not a big fan of TV in general, but my co-workers were always talking about this show, so I ended up sticking it on Tivo. I'm a big fan now and Jim is also my favorite person on the show - he reminds me of a couple people I've worked with.

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          You're all way off! Jim is great. Michael is quirky, but without Dwight K. Shrute this show would just be so-so.
            My house watches The Office. Although, last night I was out running when it was on.



              LOVE the Office...Pam is HOT! Jenna Fischer is the best mockumentary actress...she is also in a small indie movie called lollilove which is pretty hilarious if you like that genre...she was also awesome in Blades of Glory ZZ, the first few episodes of season 1 is a bit hard to follow because they're still trying to break free from the English version (the first episode is exactly the same as the British one)...season 2 is really where the show has its own identity and becomes more hilarious.. my favorite character is Darrell...he's got some great quotes...DinkNflicka, going mach five, fleece it up...great stuff..
                The Office Evangelist I admit I am an evangelist for The Office. Okay, I make dvds (www.tvrss.net <-- great!!!)="" to="" pass="" out="" to="" friends="" in="" attempt="" to="" get="" them="" hooked.="" does="" that="" make="" me="" a="" pusher?="" the="" office="" us="" and="" uk="" versions="" are="" both="" excellent="" mockumentaries="" (i="" have="" not="" seen="" any="" of="" the="" non-english="" versions.).="" the="" first="" 6="" episodes="" of="" the="" us="" version="" are="" very="" similar="" to="" the="" uk="" version="" and="" a="" lot="" of="" the="" dialogue="" is="" verbatim.="" the="" uk="" version="" has="" a="" whole="" lot="" more="" base="" (crude)="" content="" and="" runs="" longer="" (20="" mins="" versus="" 35mins).=""></-->One Odd Coincidence: My best friend's dad's works for Paper Magic in Scranton, PA! And, it’s located at the corner of Adams and some other street as shown during the intro. In 2005, my friend became an Office convert with the help of me. Do I need to provide a picture of his business card or do ya'll believe me? Smile My favorite episode would probably be The Booze Cruise. I had a similar experience back in 2000. Ladies Karen and Pam :-) Smile Big grin Wink Cool Perhaps they will join Runningahead.com someday! Modal's Office Personality Modal is probably a cross between Roy, Michael, and Dwight.


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                  I couldn't get into the American one because I loved the English office so much. It just doesn't seem the same as to me, so much of the humour is British. I guess it's more universal than I thought!
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                    My house watches The Office. Although, last night I was out running when it was on.
                    That's why TiVo was invented.

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