Pace increase normal (Read 214 times)


    Last few runs have basically looked like this.

    mile 1- 12 min

    mile2  - 1145 min

    mile 3 -  1120 min

    mile 4-  11 min

    mile 5-  1045 min


    1st mile body feels tight but as I loosen up everything gets more fluid including breathing. I keep telling my self to slow down but and I think I am but when I finish and check my log it looks like this. the pace seems to suit me as I feel no pain running and my wind is controlled. Is this normal?

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      Is it normal?  Well, it is for you, so all's good. It's pretty normal for most of us to have pace move around a bit when running at the same effort.


      If you find this pattern with every run, then you're not dialing back the effort when you try to slow up and should focus on managing the effort (rather than pace) of your runs.

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        My first mile has always been slower than the rest of the run.  Even when I wasn't old, it took me at least a mile to warm up.  Now it takes about two.



            This is completely normal! First of all your body is warming up and so you are right to want to go slow. Warming up allows you to break down stiff transient muscle fibers, increase blood flow and get ready to perform at higher intensities but less risk. So let it do its thing. They always say the first mile is the hardest and so this might be why you are increasingly faster on the consecutive miles. You start feeling better as soon as you warm up! In longer distance runs the advice is usually to start slow and gradually increase your pace. So depending on your goals your look like you are right on track!

              This is why you do a warm up before a race.  : )

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