2014 Sub-18 5K (Read 544 times)

some call me Tim

    Wow, you guys.. I appreciate the background but I think I see a lot of equivocating.


    No, I'm not sure I know what you mean about the pot and the kettle.

      I am in.


      Age 33, and had only run two 5K races.  The first is 19:17 (Dec 2013) and the second is 18:21 (Mar. 2014).  Will try to run another 5K after summer training season.

        I am in.



        Feel free to join us in CT forum too, if you want advice on fastest / best courses, etc...


        Come all you no-hopers, you jokers and rogues
        We're on the road to nowhere, let's find out where it goes

          Thanks.  Actually I was trying to find a local running group and/or forum.


          Feel free to join us in CT forum too, if you want advice on fastest / best courses, etc...



            Progress for me tonight at a 5000m track race! My PR from a month ago (18:48) was either tied or beat by one second, official results coming later tonight. But Tweeeked, you ask, why is that progress? For the sheer fact that I ran right through that race, I answer. With tomorrow's long run I'll hit my highest weekly mileage...ever. This week also included two fairly successful workouts. So I'm thinking right now on a good day (it was quite windy on the home stretch) where I actually have a bit of a taper, I can get low-18s. With my summer of malmo training I'm hoping I'll be good to go for sub-18 in the fall. Though I'll actually be focusing on a half marathon at that point...

            2016 Goals:

            • 5k: sub-16:30
            • 10k: sub-36
            • Half: sub-76
            • Full: 2:45 in Boston

              Congrats on a good race Tweeked.  Enter and race as many 5K races as you can this summer.  By the end of the summer you'll eventually hit a good day on a good course and nail the sub-18.

                Getting a little bit closer. Ran 18:16 today, which is the fastest for me this year. Actually, my second fastest 5k ever. So, thinking I still got a chance if the moon and stars align. If not, then hoping to PR this summer, which is 18:10.

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                  17:31 today. Cooler weather really helps. I feel like I could have gone faster but mentally I am having a hard time pushing past the pain threshold.

                  some call me Tim

                    Nice job, guys, and way to kill the goal huskerrunner! I don't know about everybody else, but we just had an abrupt turn into optimal racing temps here in the northeast and I'm hoping to hear some more great results. As for me, it remains a lot of trails, but I'm going to try to get in a 5k now that the stars are aligned.

                      Great Midwestern weather last weekend and this coming weekend!  Ran 17:46 over this past weekend and hope to get one more fall 5K in to shoot for a PR (17:30).  Good luck to all running fall races!

                      2018 Goals:

                      • 3000 Miles (crossed on 11/7/18) 
                      • Run a good race at Boston (2:51:54, 41 second PR)
                      • Sub 1:18 HM (1:16:29 @ Pettit Indoor HM 2/10/18)
                      • Sub 2:50 @ CIM 
                      • Try not to suck

                        Running a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. I pulled a 1:25:37 half marathon on a relatively hilly course a week and a half ago, and have pulled low 6:00s for tempo runs along the way, so I'm hoping to hit sub-18:00 then.

                        some call me Tim

                          Nice job killing it, Mike! And good luck to you Chris- sounds pretty promising to me. I guess things are pretty quiet in here.


                          For myself, I guess I'm out although I still hope to hear of some successes in these last couple months of the year. My goals completely changed, but I managed to get a solid sub-5 50k on some hilly trails recently and am looking for a sub-8 50 miler just after the first of the year. I mention it because anybody in here with the leg speed to go under 18 at 5k could just get in the mileage and long runs and kick ass out there.


                            Runner's knee kept me sidelined most of the season, and I'm currently on a break that'll take me into 2015. No sub-18 for me this year, sadly.


                              Turns out this is a LOT harder than I thought. I've been training through weekly 5K's without much tapering. But even so, I'm not even getting close to the magic 5:42 pace in a real race, except for the last quarter or so. I did a 5:48 track 800 in a relay that had me gasping.


                              My best recent race effort is a 20:33. Realistically I foresee a sub-20 possible this year if I do a well-rested 5K one of these weeks. I think the answer to anything faster is to build my mileage level up to 60+ and keep at the track workouts.


                              So I probably don't even belong on the auxiliary list anymore. (Kind of feels like I'm kicking myself out of AP Chemistry.)


                              Anyway, it was fun trying to audit this class. Will the Registrar please approve my Drop Request Form and process my refund?

                                I'm out...until next year anyway. No more 5k plans until next spring/summer. Thinking of another approach. Might run more too. At least, thinking of going into it with a bigger base behind me. Congrats to those who made it this year and good luck to any still trying.

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