Pain on lower calf or perhaps soleus (Read 82 times)




    Two weeks ago while on an easy run after about 5kms The muscle started aching as if it was a cramp. I stopped, stretched but it didn't go away. I alternated running and walking on the way back. I didn't run all the way for precaution because it wasn't the kind of pain that makes it impossible to run.

    I rested till new year's day and although it still ached a liitle I went for a 10kms slow run. It hurt all the way but I managed to runn all the time.

    This time I decided to stop running until I felt pain free. I'm a bike commuter, so I cycled everyday no pain while pedalling.

    Yesterday I had been pain free for two or three days even when I did calf raises so I went for a run at about km 5 the same exact pain, I came back running and today I'm almost pain free.


    What sould I do? Keep running? Stop and look for professional help? Are there any stretches I can do to prevent this?