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Feb 15th - Weekly Check-In (Read 329 times)

    Hello.....really late with this. Sad It's been really busy. I had a good week! Raced a 10K....when I get time...hopefully I'll be home tonight. My race went well....... How's everyone else doing? Big grin

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      Congrats on your 10k! I broke out some new shoes and ran my longest and quickest run post surgery yesterday. Other than that, still just trying to work through the aches and pains of starting back up again (mainly shin splints).

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        Congrats, Gayle!!!! I ran a whole 5 miles last week - I'll get there teehee

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          Congrads on racing your 10k. Hope you had fun. I managed to get in 12.4 miles last week. Still behind the bunny but hopefully with the 8 already under my feet for this week I will sneak in a few more than the rabbit and slowly catch up.
            Oh, yeah! Blush Thought there was something we were supposed to be doing here... Realized a few days ago that after having been smacked down by my body so many times (whenever I increase mileage, specifically) that THAT'S probably why I've not been in much of a hurry to bring my running miles back up. So, I started "streaking" again this week. Tried last week and got derailed. Trying again this week, and I think I'll make it. I'm not doing much - very short runs. Yesterday was 1.2, and I plan to work up to 1.6 by the end of the weekend. When I did this last, it worked well for me. Everyone's different - my body did just fine with it. Strangely enough, since it doesn't seem to like anything else I do. Roll eyes So last week I got like... 3 miles in. This week should be 9. I've got a sprint triathlon in a little less than a month, so I need to be able to run a 5k by then. Should be workable. I hope!

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              Whoa Gayle, congrats on the 10k race! Did it go like you've planned? We've seen quite some snow the 2nd half of the last week, then rain, then snow and some more rain and damn it is no fun running. Got to visit the TM again...
                Hello everyone! Good running! I haven't run in a week. Feel very fat!! My lap top is acting up. I have big black spots on the screen. I'm peaking around them to post. I'll get a new in in March. It's really annoying & I'm afraid to play on the internet at work so I won't be posting very much. Everyone think of me on March 3 which is when I have my hand surgery. Keep running!! Vicki
                  I am finally finished with ski vacations and seem to have kicked the last of my cold. I'm going to officially start my half training on Monday so that bunny better watch out! I plan on catching up with him and blowing past him in the next few weeks. (Be vewry vewry qwiet, I'm hunting wabbit!)
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