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June 22nd - Weekly Check-in (Read 249 times)

    Hi, all! I'm living through you so how's it going? Everyone had a good week? Hip is still tender but I'm think I will be able to run in the next week or two. I tried Thurs but didn't work out.....still in pain.... Teresa, how's the injury? Looks like you put some distance on me again this week. Evil grin Phillip, I think I'll try running this week and again and see what happens if not then I think it will be one more week? Getting there....the stretching and massage is starting to pay off. Looks like you caught fire this week. Making up the miles you are toward your HM! Big grin Jennifer, how was Grandma's HM this weekend? obiebyke, a 1 hr run. Woo Hoo! You are still moving up strong!!!! Big grin ikers - how's your come back going? Anne, how did your race go? Looks like it might have been HOT! Looks like a PR! Good job! HwyChld, nice to see you checking in again! Alex, how did you running go this week? Karl, how did the race go? Ruth and Matt, Missed you both last week. Hope you are going ok..... Anya, if you are checking in.... we miss you!!!! Hope you are having fun! Daisy, I know you are out there!!! HI!! *waves* letchitsa1, hope everything is going well. I know you said you would be busy off and on....thinking of you Have a good week everyone......If I missed you give me a shout out. Smile Gayle

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      Hi, Gayle! Good luck with your hip! LOL, yep, I did 0.3 miles this week! On the indoor Y track this afternoon. The PT guy says I should be better within 2 to 4 weeks. At least the running today felt OK. One step at a time, I guess.
        Sorry to see you two are still out, but better to be cautious then to risk a more serious injury. Anne, good job on the race this week. Hope you met all of your goals I had a good week this week, but I need to find more time during the week to extend some of those runs. Guess I will need to start running after work once or twice per week, instead of the morning. M - off T - off W - 4 moderate, didn't plan on running this pace Th - 4.5 easy F - 3.7 easy S - 11 long (longest run to date) Su - 3.8 easy Total - 27 miles I shouldn't have a problem covering the distance for my HM, but I will need to extend a midweek run and get some speed work in once my official training starts in two weeks.
          I'm Back! did yah miss me? Spent last week tent camping in New Hampshire. Rained for the first three days, then I got some wierd flu and was sick (102 deg fever) for two days. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes....well you know the rest. Ok here is my big week Mon- off rain, rain Tue- More of the wet stuff Wed- Ran the worst 8 mile run of my life, chills fever started 10 minutes later. Thursday-sick Friday-slow short 4 Sat rest Sun 13.1 Fairfield 1/2 marathon. it was a 4-H run (Hilly, Hazy, Hot,Humid!!) Tongue Gayle, Some say I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but despite my cruddy week of health and lack of training I still ran a strong mile 6 through 11 of the race. The field was around 4-5 k and it took nearly 4 miles for the pack to break up and allow some faster running. Teresa- take your time healing and get well. Good job to everyone else, keep up the training and enjoy the road, trail or treadmill of death! Karl
            This is no time for injuries! Not that there is a good time, but i'd rather be injured when i won't want to run, anyway. Tongue M - off T - 3.18 W - off R - 3.00 F - off Sa - 3.32 Su - 2.54 12.04 miles This week i bump up the intervals. It should be fun!
              Yup, a one hour run! Kind of a mixed week, because I did that and then had a crash rest of the week. Saturday's run was terrible-- I was hungry and dehydrated but determined, and then my Garmin bonked, so I had no way to keep time or distance. Back to routine this week, I hope. Wed: 4.88 miles Sat: 2 miles (says the map function) Total: 6.88 miles

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                Yargh. I managed 9 last week (3 each MWF--I'm starting 6 mile runner) but I think I'm only going to do 6 this week, probably Tuesday / THursday--my knee is feeling a little funny, we've got houseguests, and it's hot as a $^&@#$*&^@#$. If it's nice / everyone else is asleep I'll try for another 3 Saturday to even everything out.
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                  Hi guys! I didn't sign in last week = ran 33.6miles! Shocked Monday: rest Tuesday: Pilates then 8 km Wednesday: 6.63 km Thursday: No running Friday: 5 miles Saturday: 10.18 km running in the country = bugs (nice air, nice view but....!!) Sunday: 6.2 km running in the country again = bugs! Total: 24.3 miles - Yay! I'm really frustrated with my speed, but happy with my distances. Have a good week, everyone! Ruth

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                    Hey all! Last week I just squeaked above 20: M -- 3.8 T -- gym/weights W -- 5 R -- gym/weights F -- 4.2 Sa -- 10k race, with 1.5 mile easy warm-up. I did PR the race, but it was pretty ugly. So hot! The race went from AT&T Park (SF Giants baseball stadium) to Candlestick Park (49ers). Got to finish on the field at Candlestick! I did learn from the race that I can probably do a sub-60 10k in better conditions, because I was so close. So now I've got a new goal. Wink Philip -- great job on the 11 miles Karl -- great rae coming off a hard week, and in difficult conditions. Way to go! I'm getting a late start to the week now. Sunday and Monday are normally running days for me, but I was up in Yosemite with my 5-year old. Cool We had a blast, mostly, but she really hated the hike I dragged her on. I fear I've scared her off hiking now! Although, later that afternoon, she practically skipped to the base of Yosemite Falls, so I think the morning hike was just bad timing and a bad trail. Hope she doesn't hold it against me! Wink Anyway, so this week will be low mileage for me, and I don't have another race planned until September. I know you all will keep me motivated through the summer!
                      I've been gone forEVER! The kids and I moved and I had OT for the past few weeks so I've been very busy and not so much running. So, with the little training I had (1 7 mile run last week) I did my first half marathon on Saturday the 21st. It was fantastic! I took it very slow but it was so much fun I can't wait to do it again. my milage for the week was 21.1 Smile
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                        I ran a mile today! It felt awesome - my anke never even twinged. I had a grin on my face the entire time. I successfully fought the temptation to go farther. Maybe tomorrow my PT will tell me I can try longer.
                          I ran a mile today! It felt awesome - my anke never even twinged. I had a grin on my face the entire time. I successfully fought the temptation to go farther. Maybe tomorrow my PT will tell me I can try longer.
                          YEAH!!!! Happy Dance!!!! Big grin Big grin Big grin Big grin Go, Girl, Go!

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                            yeah Teresa! Hope everything continues to heal quickly!
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                              Hmmm...Glad to know people are keeping me honest... Last week was not so good...Didn't do too much running because I am lazy. Also, I was actually working a bit, so I was a little crazy.... Did manage to get 3.5 in on Sunday....Did better this week, though. I'll keep plugging away. Never going to catch the bunny, but I'll see how close I can get....

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