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June 15 - Weekly Check-In (Read 176 times)

    Wow, folks must be sleepy this week. I am, too, but will start the thread anyway. I had my first true double-digit week this past week. I've had a couple before from doing an extra run, but this week I hit it with only three. I also hit another length/distance record last Tuesday. I ALSO hit 150 miles for the year. Lots of milestones this week. Yay! My log includes a run in Vegas on Saturday. I didn't run the strip--it was MUCH too hot, but I figure I still get points. Stupidly, although I was at a four star hotel (I didn't pay for it), the gym wasn't included in the room fee, so my run cost $35! Tues: 4.20 Thurs: 2.46 Sat: 3.47 Total: 10.13

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      Well I am new to the group and just wanted to check in. I am getting ready to Run Grandma's Half Marathon this weekend and with all the stuff that has gone on this spring it should be an interesting time. I have had to plan my training around my brother coming home from Iraq and moving twice. Hopefully now there is nothing else going on and I can just focus on getting back out and running.


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        Jennifer--Welcome from a fellow (ex-pat) Midwesterner, and I'm so glad your brother is home safe.

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          Yay for new people! M-nothing T-2.13 W-2.13 R-nothing F-2.99 of run/walk!!! Sa-3.35 r/w Su-3.05 r/w 13.65 miles slowly but surely i'll make it back to running again...
            Yeah, for the check-in! Thanks for starting the thread, obiebyke! And yeah for the first double digit week! I'm JEALOUS! And another milestone in 150 for the year! Congrats! Me......really easy......0 miles Hip is still hurting....I thought I would try running Sunday but I came down with a cold Sunday and spent Sun and Monday out flat. Dang! So it will still be awhile before I run since my head cold is now moving down into my chest. Dead Jennifer, welcome to our little group. Make sure you check back in after your 1/2. Several of us here are looking to do a 1/2 his year and would like to hear about your race. ikers, you're getting there. yeah! Have a good week everyone. Gayle

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              Aw, Gayle, I thought maybe you were just busy and having fun -- but of course now I remember the injury you're dealing with. Hope you're back at it soon! Thanks for starting the thread, Obie. Congrats on the double-digit week! Even better, to shell out for a treadmilll while on a Vegas junket? That's got "runner" written all over it! Jennifer -- welcome! And good luck with your race this weekend!! I've heard great things about the Grandma's Marathon, I'm sure it will be a blast. I'll also be looking forward to a race report -- I'm one of those doing a HM later this year. Ikers -- That's a bunny-beating week for you -- keep it up! I focussed on long slow runs this last week, and really enjoyed it. Actually, I guess I always do slow runs :wink:, but I did try to add more mileage by . . . well, adding more mileage, I guess. How dumb does that sound? I guess what I mean is that instead of trying to add a much longer run, I tried to just make a couple of runs a little bit longer. So, what I ended up with: M -- 3.6 miles T -- gym; weights W -- 6.4. See? My longest midweek has been about 5.3. R -- gym; weights F -- 4.3 Sa -- 8.25. Also a mile longer than my previous "long run." Total for the week: 22.6, a new record. The best thing about that 8.25 was how freaking easy it felt. Honestly! How great is that?!?!? When I signed up for this group in January, running 12 in a good week, I thought "well, okay, maybe, I am trying to get more consistent . . . at least I'll probably be able to come close . . . ." And now six months later, woo-hoo!!! You know what else I noticed? Last week the bunny was at the bottom of page 1. Now? Solidly on page 2! Congrats to all those who just passed the bunny this week -- keep him on the run!! Anyway, I'm doing more slow this week than long, and racing a 10k on Saturday. Supposed to be a nice fast course . . . .

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                Congratulations, Anne! Wow, you're doing great. 8.25 is a lot! My ankle still feels very tender, so I'm not running yet. I may bandage it up and go for a short run/walk on Thursday. Blech!
                  Gayle & Theresa, hope you two get better soon. Obie - great week, keep it up. Anne - keep up the good work, watch out 30 mpw Wink I had a good week, Saturday was my longest run to date M - off T - 3.3 easy W - 4.4 easy Th - 3.6 moderate F - off S - 10 long Su - off at the request of my wife for my first father's day (I did play hockey at night though) Total - 21.3 miles I'm looking forward to my HM in September. Two months ago when I decided to run it it seemed like a huge challenge, but after Saturdays run and still having 3 months to train I'm feeling more confident.
                    Haven't done a check in lately so here goes. I had a pretty good week, slightly under my average for the last three weeks but still solid. W - 6 Th - 3.1 S - 8 17.1 total Obviously got a late start on the week and for missing a day or two of running I am happy with that number. The next two weeks will also be tough to get my mileage in but starting in July it should get easier. Anne, I noticed the same thing. In fact, I am closer to that bunny than I have ever been. It will still be a few weeks before I catch him but I am getting there. To those on the bench, rest up.
                      Anne, That's amazing! One of these days we're going to run into each other on a run. Maybe we already have! Gayle, Get better soon, dangit!

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