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March 8th Check-In (Read 365 times)

    Hello, Haven't done a check-in a bit. Sorry. Life has gotten crazy. I'm stil ramping up for my 10 mile race the first weekend in April and then I'l be slowng down a bit. I had a good week and the next week should be another one before I start pulling back a bit. Mon - 4 mile Tues - Off Wed - 4 Thur - 3 Fri - 3 Sat - 8 Sun - 3 Weekly total: 21.8 Like I said - a good week. How's everyone else doing? I know Corrina's running again. Big grin Chris, it looks like you are stil struggling to get going again. So how's the post surgery going? Cherrie, how are you doing? Janell, when's your sprint triathlon? Looks like you are still in training..... kilo, where are you at? Vickie, you should have had your surgery by now? How are you doing? Countdown to running again has now started! Big grin scubagrrl , looks like you got a long run in. Yeah! Anyone else? I"m going to be off and on here for the next few weeks. My dad has become ill and will be going in for surgey in the next few weeks. Plus I'll be going away for my Cherry Blossom run. I'll really try and keep up better...and I hope to bring back some good pictures from my run. Big grin Big grin

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      Gayle sorry to hear your Dad is not doing so well. Looks like you had a good running week. Smile Corrina
        Hi, Gayle! Thanks for being the group "mom" and looking after us all! Hope everything goes will with your dad. I'm still streaking (on day 21 today!) running about 1 mile/day, sometimes more. I find I don't get hurt when I do this, so it works for me to get some miles in. My first tri's next weekend! Then, I get to train for one in May with a longer swim and bike but same length run. That's all the races I've got on my calendar this year - I'm not really in a racing kind of mood this season. I know I'm continuing to lose ground to the pace bunny at 7 - 8 miles per week. Haven't decided what I'm going to do about that at this point. I guess I'll worry about it later. Wink

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          Gayle - sorry to hear about your dad. Hope everything goes well. I had a great week. 17.7 miles this past week - a new record for me. Of course, I'm in sunny AZ with my mom, so that helps the motivation. I love these cool mornings! I gained a little ground on the pace bunny and haven't given up yet . . . hope to move up a bit more this week.
            Hi Gayle & everyone, I'm running 30+ kms a week, that's quite OK for me. It is Base1 period's last week, next week will move on to Base2 where some slow intervals should creep in. I learned today there wont be any pals to come with me to Bratislava (Slovakia) for an inline half-marathon, so it made me a bit dissapointed. I am seriously considering skipping it then, not worth driving 2*300 kms alone for an hour's race Sad Now must look for another event nearby...
              Hi everyone, I fell off the wagon over the winter with only a few sporatic runs out in the cold. I've started back strong, but keeping all runs easy for now. I need to build up for my HM in May, it will be my second and I hope to improve on my first effort. Last week - M - off T - 3.3 easy W - 4.7 easy Th - off F - 3.4 easy S - 7.3 long Su - 3.3 w/ jogging stroller Total - 22 miles Gayle, hope your father is doing better and good luck in the Cherry Blossom run.
                Gayle, sorry to hear about your father, hope everything goes well. Hope you enjoy your Cherry Blossom run. Weather has finally gotten good here in Ohio. (Well better at least I should say) and I've been able to get out and get my long run in. I hit just over 20 miles last week, my highest mileage week yet. I'm slowly catching back up on that bunny. Wingz I'm wanting to try a tri this year also. Probalby not until July though. Keep us posted on how it goes and how you like it.
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                  Hi Gayle. I share the sentiments of the rest of the group and hope everything is ok with your dad. The post surgery running has had it's ups and downs so far. Lately, I just can't seem to rid myself of shinsplints so I've had a couple of stretches where I took extra days off. I was told it takes a year to heal from a microfracture procedure and since the surgery wasn't until the end of May last year, I've still got a couple of months to go. I'm happy to report that Saturday and today have been my best 2 post-surgery runs to date, though. Saturday just felt good and after a couple of days off, I came back to log some quicker miles on the treadmill today which also felt really good. Big grin Chris

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                    HI Gayle ~~ Far more important than how I'm doing is that I will keep your dad in my thoughts. I hope it all works out ok. Don't worry about us = we'll be here Smile. As for me, I've not completely stopped running but I"m at 5 or under miles for each week right now - but, I'm hoping that with the time change and hopefully the break in the weather I'll finally be able to start upping the miles....

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                      Thanks everyone. My Dad called tonight and when they ran more tests last Friday and did pre-surgery "tattoing," the tumor has grown so they moved up the surgery date to the 23rd. (Colon cancer) Now I"m not sure what I'm going to do since I need to call my brothers and see what they have planned. I'm thinking I'll wait until after surgery to travel home and be there at the end of the week to help Mom bring Dad home. I'm just unsure.....IF it goes well as the doctor thinks it will, that is a good plan....but what worries me is if it goes the other way then I should be there at the surgery. Work says they are understanding, but not being very helpful....... Sad More later. Gayle

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                        Gayle, I hope things go well with your dad. I'll be thinking of you and your family. Surgery went well. I have a removable cast. When they took the bandages off I had big blisters so they couldn't put on a regular cast. I go back to the doctor 3/18. I don't know what the plan is then. I walked 2 miles yesterday I must have walked finny because my back hurts today. I felt like it was going to spasm so took it easy today. Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow & I can walk again. This plastic cast sure is hot! We just came in from walking the dogs and it's wet on the inside. I hope everyone has good runs!