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Walking vs Running vs Hopping (Read 313 times)

    This came up in one of the other forums, and I just wanted to invite anyone who is walking or run\walking or walk\running or any other combination to join us on our bunny-hunt. Hopping, however, is a different story in my mind and anyone or any bunny that hops is disqualified. At least if you record it as hopping.
      Thanks abradoodle. I'm currently counting my walks as distance while I try to figure out what's going on with my foot. I really just hate to see the graph empty. Smile I'm planning once I can start running again to stop counting them and hopefully go over the 1000 km a bit to compensate, but for now it just feels good to not have 0 miles total for the year.
        I'm also doing a lot of walking at the moment as I'm still very new to the running game and currently only logging my runs or runs where I walk a bit but its leaving me quite far behind the bunny! Although this is still WAY more activity than I was doing last year. I'm hoping that as I improve I'll do more miles to make up for my slow start this but I don't want to risk injuring myself by pushing too hard too early just to keep up with the bunny now - however if it looks like he's getting too far away I may start adding my walking in (I just don't want people to think I am cheating). Smile
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          I've been running since last August and I sill walk/run anything over a mile. It's just more comfortable for me and it keeps me injury-free. Smile Kimmer
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            I'm glad I officially sanctioned what yall are already doing. Tongue