1000Km-621 mile club


New Year! Clean Slate! 2012! (Read 460 times)

Maggie & Molly

    I"m coming!

     "It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."
    Wisdom of Confucius

    HF 4363

      Trying to get consistent this year.  Aiming for 4 run a week.  So far it's only been 3 but I am pretty stubborn.  Life seems to get in the way but as the days stay light longer it should get easier.

        Cherri....I see miles!  Big grin


        Corrinabear, I agree you are stubborn!  You are still with us and still running.  Cool

        "Nothing's better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you." Aaron Douglas Trimble