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May all your running be happy.... (Read 153 times)

Maggie & Molly

    morning.  I am off the running track again.  Am now about 100 miles behind the rabbit.  I won't be running at all for at least 3 more weeks, if not longer so there is little hope of catching up.  I'll hang in there though.....some day you rascally wabbit, some day....

     "It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."
    Wisdom of Confucius

    HF 4363

      Not too worry. I´m way behind the pink monster too Roll eyes I´ll catch up with it some day. But first, I have to catch up with you Joking

      I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

      Run the day, or the day runs you.

      Actions determine state of mind - Aristotle

      Team 9 from Outer Space

        We're not even halfway through the year. Lots of time to go rabbit-hunting! Smile

        "Don't feel like running today...suck it up and run ...you're an athlete." (John Stanton, founder & owner of The Running Room)


        Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)

          I'm 60+ miles behind. My goal for May is to get my name back on the front page of the YTD distance report instead of page two!