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    I just saw another log that used a pretty cool trick. If you are like me and are planning to run something in the future that requires some sort of training plan to get you to that level, like a marathon or 1/2 marathon I always found it frustrating that I had to keep a personal calandar of projected runs and then record the actual run in my online "running ahead" training log. I looked at a training log that had runs completed until July of 2008? How can that be? they havent even happened yet! They were color coded Gray and labeled "Scheduled" Pretty cool you just delete the scheduled run as you do it and re-enter it as whatever you actually did. I'm going to try it. In my goal to be the most anally retentive person on the planet this will add another layer that I can anylize and mentate on. Go team!

    One day at a time

      Oh, my, Karl, your log looks as "bad" as mine (see my weekly graph). I think maybe we're tied for most anally retentive!! My running partner certainly thinks I'm nuts, but she's flexible and will run whatever distance I tell her I "have" to do. I'd better not head down the "Scheduled" path or I'm doomed. Good luck to you in your mission. I was going to ask if you're an engineer like me - I see that you're in the military. That explains it! Wink

        Diverdoc - Not sure if it makes you feel better (depends on if you like to be alone in your anal retentiveness...) but that's what I did when my log was on CoolRunning. It was out a few months leading up to a race. I'm a big fan of planning - drives my laid back husband bonkers! Type A, baby, yeah! Sheila
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