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August 10th - Weekly Check-In (Read 115 times)

    Hello, all......I don't even have my mileage in my log this week. Tongue I only jog/walked on Wed and Sat. So I think I only have round 5 miles this week. My hubby and I took some time off of work this week. Most of our time on Thurs, Fri and Sat was taken up with DH's three day golf tourney. I'll check back in later. Hope everyone else had a good week. Gayle

    "Nothing's better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you." Aaron Douglas Trimble

      Hey all! My week was: M -- 4.2 easy T -- 2 treadmill, then weights. I'm liking getting in this little mileage boost as a warm-up to my weight workout. It feels kind of lame doing just two miles, but, two miles is two miles, right? W -- 5.3 R -- weights F -- 4.2 Sa -- 9.9. Tongue I did a rough mileage calculation beforehand: 3 miles to the lake, 3 miles around the lake, then back, with a little extra loop around the neighborhood at both ends. Should be ten. But then when I did the point-and-click on the map afterwards, I only got 9.9. I know it doesn't matter that much, and it was as likely 9.7 as it was 10.1 in real life. Still . . . dammit, I wanted to log 10! That'll teach me to be more careful about measuring distance before I go out. It's also, of course, renewed my Garmin lust. Total was 25.6. That bunny is going down, and I'm headed for his big brother. Hope everyone had a good week, injury free, not too bothered by the heat . . . .