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Group Got Smaller??? (Read 162 times)

    Hey did we have a whole lot of people drop out of the race to the bunny?? I have always been on page 3 and my main goal in life has been that if I can't catch the bunny I would at least want to be on the same page as him before the end. Well I have made it to the same page!! But I do believe our list is shorter!!


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      Yep, the group did get smaller. I did some house cleaning at the beginning os Sept on anyone who hand not checked in since May and if you notice most of our 1,000K finishers have moved on to the next group. I missing quite a few people! Sad Plus I'm really stuggling right now with my running and have missed the last two week check-ins. Sorry everyone! I'm tryng to get it together so I don't slip off the back!

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