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    I've been reading (and posting every once in a while) on the RA Forums for most of the year, but somehow missed the whole pace bunny section. I really did not have a mileage goal set for this year. In 2005, I started to run and logged 325 miles. In 2006, I ran my first half marathon and logged 535 miles. In 2007, I ran two half marathons (I trained for three and did not make it to one of them due to the Nor'easter...I wasn't going to run in that crap!) and logged a little over 600 miles. So, if I sat down in late December / early January and set a goal for mileage, it probably would have been in the 700-750 mile range. However, I decided that I was going to run my first marathon. I'll be running it next weekend. Which means I have already logged over 400 miles and I'm ahead of the 1000 mile pace bunny (for now...I'm sure after the marathon the mileage will slow down a bit). Perhaps watching the bunny will motivate me to keep on logging a good amount of miles each week even after the marathon??? We'll see.
      Hi Mike!!! Good to see you on here!! Welcome to the rat bunny race. Good luck at your race next weekend. I'm SO excited for you!!! You're going to do great!

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        Welcome Mike! Keep that furry picnk rodent behind you, and good luck next weekend. Looking forward to your race report! Michael

          Welcome to the crew. Sounds like your progressing well with your running. Good luck on the race and keep tracking that bunny.

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            Welcome. The fact you have so many miles already in the bank, should allow you to keep this 1,000 mile pace. My suggestion is to run your marathon.......do easy recovery miles after, and then adjust your goals to make the 1,000 mile mark. Don't be TOO aggressive in order to avoid getting injured. To ramp up as many miles as quickly as you have does have the potential for injury. Good luck in the Marathon and in the 1,000 mile goal.