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    Hey all, I think I pushed the group to 129 members today. I'm training for my 2nd HM while working in Romania - and so far kicking the bunny's butt due to a mild winter here in Europe. Hoping to hold steady at 25-30 miles per week after my HM on March 25 and stay ahead of the bunny. Get the Bunny! Steve Big grin

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      Hi, Steve...send some of that mild winter our way here in Michigan! Actually, we were mild until about half-way through Jan--now we seem to be getting what we should have had in Dec.! Like you, I hope to be back up to 25-30, but after weather improves. Good luck on your next HM! I did my first this past Oct. and am hooked. I hope to do my first full marathon sometime in '08. Smile k

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        Kristen, Brrrrrrrr for you! My parents are in Upstate, NY and although they are east of the lake effect snow belt, they are still freezing too. This is my 2nd (and hopefully last) winter here and I'm really getting spoiled. Average high temps here in Feb is usually in the 30's F, but must days have hit the 50's this year.

        2014 - Get 5k back under 20:00.  Stay healthy!

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